Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Dadaji and Beeji joking among themselves. Beeji says that the reason for their living. Angad comes there and asks Dadaji about his health. Beeji jokes with him and Amrita watches it smiling. Angad cheers Dadaji and diverts his mind. He asks them to make video and make money. Amrita too agrees with them. Dadaji gets excited and both Dadaji and Beeji gets excited to make videos. Soni gets ready for party and Angad notices her weird shawl. He takes her with him for party. Soni apologizes for leaving at such time and Amrita asks her not to worry.

Angad hears someone knocking his door and opens it to find Kabir. Kabir enters and teases Pritam with kids stuffs. Pritam asks why he’s here and Kabir says he wants a job. He pleads him to arrange for a job. Pritam says he’ll look at it. He gets Nitin’s call who says about a party where drugs gets supplied and that Naveen is also present there. Pritam sends Kabir out and says that he will come there. He comes out after taking his gun and Kabir again irritates him. Pritam says he will try and leaves.

Soni also comes to the party where Naveen is present. Her friends takes her get drink but Soni says she doesn’t drink. Naveen sees Soni and hides his face. Drug supplier supplies drugs to Naveen. Pritam comes there but he misses to see Soni. Soni’s friend forced her to have light alcohol and she drinks. At home Nimmo and Guneet are worried about Soni’s late night party and asks Angad if their parents are present there. Angad says he didn’t enter In and Dadaji asks them to calm down. Amrita proposes to party at home and everyone agreed.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Family drinks juice in wine glass and they all tease about it. Amrita recalls having wine during her date. They starts playing antakshari. Soni’s friend asks her to do a line referring to drugs. Her other friend asks her to let it go as Soni won’t be OK with it. Soni still doesn’t understand what’s line. Soni sees Pritam there and wonders whether he came there following her but immediately leaves. At home Guneet decides to drink and checks his room only to find empty bottle. He asks Nimmo to bring bottle from Dadaji’s room but she leaves refusing. While Everyone are busy playing, Guneet sneaks in and gets the bottle. Naveen is full high on drugs while a guy says another guy that he hit a nice target with Naveen. Naveen sees Nitin but couldn’t identify him.

Precap : A guy tries to misbehave with Soni but she pushes him. Police comes to the party.

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