Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rudraksh enters the Police station and Police inspector tells him that it’s not a garden that he can enter it whenever he wants. He introduces Gopal to her. Gopal gives court permission to her saying that he came to meet Preesha legally. He asks Preesha to not worry because he is with Rudraksh to prove her innocence. Then he asks her that when Rudraksh left her room. She tells him that she was sleeping so she didn’t notice. He tells her that truth will be out soon and hugs her and leaves from there. Rudraksh tells Preesha that she saved him and now he will make sure that she gets out of jail and asks her to take care and hugs her.

Later, Rudraksh gets frustrated and tells Gopal that he is not remembering anything. Gopal tells him that they should know that why the latter went to Sania’s room. They checks Rudraksh’s mobile and learns that Sania called Rudraksh. Gopal tells him that they wants Sania’s call records. Rudraksh calls Bunty and asks him to gather Sania’s call records and disconnects the call. Gopal asks him that why Armaan came to Shimla.

Rudraksh reveals to him about Armaan’s intention and also what all Armaan did to separate him and Preesha. Gopal wonders that when Armaan changed like this. Rudraksh informs him that Armaan even tried to ruin his concert. They goes to meet Mr. Ahuja. Gopal threatens Mr. Ahuja to tell the truth. Mr. Ahuja reveals that it’s Armaan who mixed red powder in Rudraksh’s juice and music label’s owner is Armaan which shocks Rudraksh and Gopal. They decides to confront Armaan.

Rudraksh asks Armaan that why the latter brought music label. Armaan asks him that what the latter saying. Gopal tells him that Mr. Ahuja revealed everything. Rudraksh tells Armaan that now he is sure that it’s the latter who killed Sania. Armaan asks him to stop talking nonsense and accepts that he bought music label and tried to ruin his concert. Rudraksh shows Sania’s call records to him and reveals that Sania called him too. Armaan tells him that he didn’t kill Sania and he was in the terrace that time. Rudraksh learns that tomorrow they have court hearing and he informs about it to Gopal.

Next day, Police inspector, hotel staff gives statement against Preesha in the court. Gopal asks Preesha’s Lawyer that why the latter is not saying anything. Lawyer tells him that they are telling the truth so what can he do and moreover Preesha confessed her crime. Preesha is sentenced to life imprisonment which shatters everyone. Police takes Preesha from there. Gopal tells Rudraksh that they will go to high court.

Later, Rudraksh gives sargi to Preesha and tells her that he will keep fasting for her and he wants her as his life partner in his every birth and feeds her and then the latter feeds the former.

Precap – Gopal tells Rudraksh that that they evidence to reopen the case. They finds something.

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