Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Ashwini consoling her family that she took the decision after asking an expert, everyone is in shocked. Ninad says that she didn’t discuss with Bhawani before taking decision, Sai ask whether she had discussed with doctor Anjali? Ashwini says yes she had discussed with doctor Anjali and she also informs them that after talking to doctor Anjali only Sai started talking after the accident.

Ninad tells to Ashwini that she should atleast ask them foe whom she is taking decisions, whether they like it or not. Ashwini ask Virat whether he agrees with her decision for them or not. Virat says that he is agrees with the decision she takes for her, even Sai supports Ashwini decision. Ahead Pakhi says that was it less that after being husnabd and wife they use to sleep seperately. Everyone is shocked, Virat feels disgusted. Bhawani ask Pakhi to say it clearly whatever she wants to say, then Pakhi tells that after their wedding Virat was sleeping on the bed while Sai was sleeping on the floor. Meanwhile Sai replies back to Pakhi that she should take care of what she and Samrat are doing as they are also married. Samrat also says to Pakhi that she should take care of her own matter first as when Samrat came back he was also sleeping in guest room and also he says that it’s a very personal matter between husband and wife.

Ashwini ask Sai to come to room and take rest. Bhawani says that it’s already late guest must be coming for Mahabhog, they have to start preparing the food. She says that all the Bahu will help her in preparation of the food. Sonali says that all Bahu including Sai also. Ashwini gets hurt and says that Sai is just now coming back from hospital how could she even think of this. Bhawani get angry on Sonali comment, she tells that yes you are right Sonali even Sai should help them but if she is not helping then someone should help her inplace of Sai. She takes Sonali name to help her inplace of Sai, Sonali is shocked to hear her name. Omkar ask Bhawani that whether she asked Sonali to help her, she agrees that yes she is punishing Sonali for talking nonsense against Sai. Sonali says that she doesn’t know how to do allthese things. Bhawani says that she knows that she is coming from rich family but she is married in Chavan family so she have to follow the rules here. Sonali says that Karishma will help Bhawani inplace of her, Bhawani says that Karishma is already helping her. Palkhi also says to Bhawani that if she knows she cannot do these things then how could she ask her to do. Bhawani ask Sonali to come with her in kitchen.

Shivani tells to Ashwini these things will happen, she better take Sai to take rest. Ashwini brings Sai to her new room and says that when she told her that she will give one seperate room to her, then Sai become so excited that’s why she has done this. Sai tells to Ashwini that in Gadhchiroli when’s he was staying with her appa she was having her separate room. She tells to Ashwini that this is how she will decorate her room, slas Virat sir won’t be here to interfere. She says that now nobody will ask that toll what time you will sleep and nobody will disturb her anymore. Ashwini tells her that all her things are here, even the dress she has to wear for pooja is kept here. Virat on the otherside in his room started missing Sai, she gets her falsh back memories everywhere in the room. He opens her wardrobe and couldn’t find her dresses then he opens the bag she took with her. He tries to keep back her clothes and gets the memories attached to them. Virat opens an old gift of Sai and thinks to give it to her but then he thinks that is it good for her if he stay away from her.

Precap- Omkar taunts Sai and tells that one day she will break our home. Sonali also supports him and says that she cannot understand a family as she is orphan. Samrat says that he is her brother she is not orphan. Ashwini says that she is her mother then Virat also wants to support Sai but couldn’t understand what relation he shares with her.

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