Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Nupur says don’t cry and make Rangoli with me as we are planning to make Maata rani happy with our pooja. Chikoo asks importance of Rangoli and pooja. Nupur explains her importance of pooja. Chikoo asks Nupur to add more yellow colour to Rangoli. Nupur reminsces it’s favourite colour of Milind and Payal and she tells it to Chikoo.

Savitri says I can’t see your pain in this age so gets married to Mandira. Milind says I talked to her like friend and I can’t marry her. Savitri says you have to think about it and tonight Mandira is coming here so welcome her. Milind about to leave than Savitri says tomorrow Nupur is leaving with that kid and she is thinking about her life than why can’t you and that’s why I’m thinking for you and its final that you will be part of tonight pooja to meet Mandira. Milind breaksdown thinking how can Nupur goes far from him.

Chikoo asks her what they used to do on this day and how they used to spend it. Milind says you can’t leave me. Nupur recalls how they used to spend their time with Payal and she touches her forehead reminscing hoe Milind used to kiss her and she goes aside. Chikoo thinks you have a lovely family, you can’t leave from them. Milind says you want to leave right than do it as I can learn to live without you. At night Chikoo thinks she have to make Nupur perform this pooja like every year. Nupur asks Chikoo to pack her luggage.

Savitri asks If Mandira is coming. Kamini says Rashi told me that Mandira likes him so she will definitely come. Savitri says Milind will forget Nupur if she is not around so it’s good that she is leaving. Kamini says everything happens in good way. Nupur asks Chikoo to get the box. Chikoo makes that box fell down and letter gets shattered. Chikoo asks them about those letters. Nupur tells her these are our beautiful memories we used to share in the past.

Milind and Savitri welcomes Mandira than Savitri goes to start the pooja. Milind Apologies to Mandira for his last night behaviour. Mandira asks him to take her to tea date to get her apology. Savitri and Kamini thinks they are best. Milind takes his Dad without answering to her. Chikoo asks Nupur to read the letter. Nupur reads those letter how he wished to have a baby girl for their love and Nupur tells Chikoo that she wrote 9 letter during my pregnancy and he believed that it’s girl and with God blessings we are blessed with Payal and we are happy family but we got separated.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Milind in tears tells to his Dad that Nupur is leaving me and I can’t live without her and whom I can share this pain! I can’t tell to mom or Nupur too abd he breaksdown in tears infront of his Dad than he apologizes to his Dad for making him cry along with him and he goes to get him water. Chikoo thinks these letters are beautiful and I have to make Milind uncle recall their moments like Nupur aunty recalled while reading this letters so I will make him read these letters with my Chikoogiri.

Precap – Mandira tries to feed kheer to Milind. Nupur feels dizzy. Chikoo explains to Milind through her dance.

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