Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Guneet asking Kabir Where’s his seat. Kabir shows it. Guneet says that he got such a nice job and wished that he got the job in the right way. Kabir knocks cabin door and Shetty asks him to come in. He gets angry seeing Kabir and shouts at him to leave calling him cheater. Guneet comes in and says that it was him who wanted to meet him. Shetty insults him too and calls him a cheater too. Guneet says that it’s true that his son did a very big mistake but his family is not cheater. He says that his upbringing went wrong but its the situation which forced him to do so. Meera was hearing everything from outside.

Guneet says that his elder son was a front line covid warrior who lost in life while saving people. Shetty feels bad hearing it. He says that his whole family was suffering after his death and Kabir took the wrong way to help his suffering family. He says that his widowed daughter in law sold the only security bonds for her unborn child and arranged the money. He apologizes for his son’s mistake and pleads him to accept it. Shetty takes it and Guneet asks him to check but Shetty says its fine. They both take his leave. Kabir sees Meera outside door but she turns her face away. Kabir leaves.

Amrita speaks with Kabir who says that issue is solved. She sighs in relief and asks him to come home without making an issue. Soni thanks Amrita for solving the issue but Amrita says she didn’t do anything. She says that it’s her brother who arranged everything. They see Angad entering and wonders whether he resigned his job. Angad bumps with Pritam and the kid’s gift falls down. Angad asked about it and Pritam says its for his friend’s child’s birthday. Pritam leaves when Soni asks if he even has friends. Amrita shuts her and calls Angad. She asks if he resigned his job. Angad says no. He explains whatever happened. Soni says it’s fine as Kabir issue is solved and is happy that he’s getting a new job. She says that Amrita sold the bonds and Angad gets upset. Amrita asks him to not start his lecture as Guneet and Nimmo already scolded her a lot. She sends him in.

Meera is sitting upset when KK comes there. He finds her upset and asks is the guy in his office troubling her again. Meera says he’s fired and KK gets happy. He flaunts about getting 4 lakh credit card. Meera gets irritated and asks him to stop as there are many people out there who doesn’t have money. Suddenly Divya comes rushing and says that Naveen fainted. They all rush to him and tries waking him up.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Pritam is speaking with a pillow considering it to be his child. He explains about the things he got from the locker and says it’s precious as his mother passed it to him. He finds the jjunjhuna missing and goes to search it in hurry. Soni also asks Amrita about it and she asks her to give it to Angad to give it to Pritam. They find Pritam desperately searching for it and gives it ti him. Pritam scolds them for touching it when Soni says that it fell down and Amrita was the one who found it in locker. Angad comes there and Pritam leaves thanking Amrita for her big help. They gets confused. Naveen wakes up and acts weird when KK said he wants to call doctor. Meera sends everyone out and asks if he’s taking drugs.

Precap : Amrita will see Pritam leaving in auto and fill follow him. She will be surprised seeing him in child care center. She will find Pritam fighting with a woman and the woman will call her from back. Amrita will get shocked seeing her.

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