Pandya Store 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Dhara saying to Rishita that they’re together and they won’t let Shiva’s second happen. Dhara calls Raavi and says that they three are together, they send back Disha and asks Raavi to not worry. Suman praises Disha when the latter touches Suman’s feet again. Dhara and Rishita mock Disha. Suman introduces Dhara and asks Disha to touch her feet. Dhara stops and says that they’re not become relative yet, so no need to touch her feet. Suman then introduces Rishita and says that she’s modern, so give her hug. Rishita tightly hugs Disha and asks her details.

Dish says that she’s graduated and lives in Somnaath. Kanta says to Rishita that she can enquire Disha’s details and let her meet Shiva first, he’s waiting for her. Gautam and Dev stand in front of Shiva. Suman introduces Gautam, Dev and Krish to Disha. Dhara says to Suman that she’s doing wrong, Raavi is still Shiva’s wife. Suman says that Disha is better than Raavi and Disha and Shiva will make perfect couple. Suman warns Dhara. Kanta introduces Disha to Shiva. Raavi sees this. Disha says to Shiva hi and offers shake hand. But Shiva refuses to shake hand and says hi. ‘

Disha asks if there’s any problem. Shiva makes an excuse and leaves from there. Raavi comes and stand next to Disha and looks at Disha and herself. Dhara says to Suman that Disha can’t become Raavi, there’s only one Raavi for Shiva. Suman says that Raavi is Shiva’s past. Dhara says that even Raavi didn’t take care of her and this house, she would say the same, Raavi is the best match for Shiva. They made for each other, so Disha and Shiva’s marriage can’t happen. Suman says that Shiva is her son and she didn’t ask Dhara’s opinion. She asks Dhara to sit in the swing and enjoy. Suman says that they will get to know very soon who is best for Shiva, Raavi or Disha. Gautam gets worried seeing Suman and Dhara arguing. He asks Krish to play music to divert them.

Krish plays music. Krish smiles to keerti and asks if she knows to play dandiya. Keerti nods yes. Krish gives her the sticks. Anita arrives there. She takes Suman’s blessings and then meets Dhara and Gautam and hug them. She asks Dhara’s permission and takes Gautam to dance. Dum dum dhol baaje. Dev-Rishita, Anita-Gautam and Krish-Keerti dance. Suman sees Shiva standing alone. Kanya takes Shiva to dance. Suman calls Risita and says Rishta to convince Shiva to dance with Disha. Rishita says that they look good separately. Suman says that in fimls hero and heroine get United when there’s an entry of another girl, they all tried to unite Shiva and Raavi, but in vain. Disha is her attempt to unite them. Rishita gets happy and asks if she saying the truth. Suman nods yes. Rishita happily hugs Suman. The latter asks to convince Shiva. Rishita goes to Shiva and makes him dance with Disha. Suman says that what happens in films doesn’t happen in real life. She says to Goddess that she doesn’t want Raavi, who ruins Shiva self-confidence and makes him feel lower. Such girl doesn’t deserve Shiva. Suman calls Shiva and Disha and remove evil eyes from them.

All play dandiya. Shiva gets angry on seeing Shiva dancing with Disha. Anita imagines dancing with Gautam on the song Tum ho atke. Anita falls and Gautam holds her. Dhara sees this. Anita gets happy that her dream is coming true. Gautam asks where she’s lost and makes her stand. Anita says nothing. Shiva isn’t happy with what’s happening. Krish says to Raavi that she’s playing wrong. Krish sees Keerti and goes to play dandiya with her. Now Anita plays dandiya with Raavi. Anita and Dhara argue. Dhara notices this and wonders why they seem angry.


Dhara is in the bathroom and looks shocked. She comes out and cries hugging Gautam. Gautam asks what happened why she’s crying.

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