Pandya Store 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anita saying to Dhara that Raavi misunderstood that she’s eyeing up Gautam and she befriended Dhara again to get Gautam. Anita cries. Dhara and everyone looks at Raavi. Raavi asks Anita why she’s dragging the matter that they already discussed at home. Anita says that Gautam is her past and she forgot it and swears that she doesn’t have any bad intention about Gautam. She further says that she will leave, if they don’t believe her. Suman stops Rishita and says that Raavi’s thinking is always wrong. She thinks that Shiva belittle himself and now she stained Anita’s reputation.

Rishita says that a boy and girl can be friends. She goes to the office and has to talk with many men, will Raavi accuse her too. Raavi shuts Rishita and asks why she would question her sister’s character without any reason. She recalls her fight with Anita. Raavi says that Anita has Gautam’s photo and… Anita cuts Raavi and says Raavi to show that photo as proof. Anita says Dhara to come and search Gautam’s photo in her cupboard. Dhara stops Anita. Dhara scolds Raavi. She says that if Anita wanted to get Gautam, she would let her die instead of saving her from the chandelier. She saved her because she’s her friend. Raavi says that she’s innocent, so she can’t understand cunning people. Raavi states that Anita had Gautam’s photo and she burnt it by herself. Suman asks Raavi how she dared to burn Gautam’s photo and asks Shiva to divorce Raavi right now.

Dhara says that Raavi knows the Pandya brothers since childhood and had spend time with them. She asks if she should say that she has bad intention about them. Raavi tries to explain Dhara, but Suman stops her. Dhara goes to Anita and asks to forgive Raavi and asks her to come getting ready. Anita refuses. Dhara sternly says that she should come. Dhara takes Anita to Raavi and says that Anita is her friend and she proved her friendship by saving her and asks Raavi to not come between their friendship. She asks Anita to come getting ready. Anita smirks looking at Raavi and leaves.

Suman tells his family to start Garba and Disha must be on her way. Krish asks it was Reshma right. Suman says that now it’s Dishu. Shiva wonders whom Suman has called. Dhara leaves avoiding Raavi. Kalyaani says to Keerti to be cautious and avoid any mistake like the last time. Keerti is scared to go to Pandya house. Kalyaani says that it’s Kalyaani’s order and they can’t deny her. Janardan asks Keerti where she’s going. Keerti lies that she’s going to play Garba with her friends. Janardan strictly says that the driver will drop her. The driver drops Keerti. Keerti asks him to leave. But he says that her friends aren’t there. Keerti fools the driver acting as calling her friends and sends him away. She then gets into an auto and leaves.

Pandya Store 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Keerti arrives at Pandya residence. Another girl also arrives. Rishita happily hugs Keerti. Krish gets mesmerized on seeing her. He asks himself to control. Suman taunts Keerti and asks who called her without asking to her. Dhara says that she invited her. Suman scolds her. Dhara says that the other day Keerti left without meeting them, so she asked Rishita to invite Keerti. Rishita will feel good, if Keerti keeps coming her. Suman taunts Keerti again and says that Keerti brought her friend too to trap her two sons. They try to deny. Rishita takes Keerti from there to make her eat something. Shiva and Gautam notice Krish looking at Keerti.

Shiva asks him to remember what happened with him in the lock up. Rishita introduces the Pandya brothers to Keerti. Lastly she introduces Krish. Ishq wala love plays in the BG. Keerti says that she already meet him and can’t forget it. Rishita asks Keerti why she said that Krish forced her to drop her at home. He was helping her. Keerti says that he helped her in a cheap way. Rishita says that he has some minus but he’s not cheap. Suman says that there is no any minus in Krish. Kanta arrives. Suman says that Kanta is late. Kanta says that but Disha arrived in time. Suman asks where Disha is. Kanta shows the girl whom Suman thought Keerti’s friend and says that this is Disha shocking Raavi.

Suman asks why she didn’t tell earlier that she’s Disha. Raavi snatches the juice in Disha’s hand and drinks it shocking the family. Raavi says that something had fallen into the juice, so she drunk it. She goes to new another class. Disha takes Sudan’s blessings. Suman praises Disha. Raavi goes to Shiva and congratulates him. Shiva asks to congratulate herself as she will get free from him forever. Raavi says right and glares at Disha. Shiva asks then why she’s tensed. Raavi denies it and says that she is happy. Shiva says that Raavi looks at Dhisha more than him. Rishita says to Dhara that Disha won’t fit in their house as she doesn’t have their vibe. They shouldn’t have let her enter the house. Dhara says that she can’t become Shiva’s wife by entering the house, they’re together and won’t let it happen.


Dhara says to Suman that she’s doing wrong, Shiva and Raavi aren’t divorced yet. Suman says that she got a better girl than Raavi for Shiva and they will make a perfect couple.

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