Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Amrita thinking that they shouldn’t sell the shop. She thinks of something. On the other hand, Pritam is looking emotional at his stuff. Angad is recalling Kabir’s words about Kk getting him job and gets confused. Angad thinks that if it’s true that he got by him. Amrita comes to locker and the staff shows her locker to her. She finds someone entering and gets shocked seeing Pritam there.

She first thinks whether he came there following her but then finds him having a locker for himself. She finds him getting baby stuffs and gets his friend’s call. He says his work is done and they can leave. He leaves an object on floor by mistake and leaves. Amrita hides as he leaves the place. She picks the bonds from her locker and finds the stuff on floor. Amrita wonders why he’s having children’s stuff in the floor and gets confused.

Angad comes to his Boss’s cabin and asks if he gave him the job well on Kk’s saying. His Boss said that it’s true. Angad says that he can’t continue the job as he don’t want someone’s favour on him and says that he’s resigning the job. He’s about to leave when Angad’s Boss stops him. He says that it’s not because of Kk. He says that he knew well that Kk asked to give him a job just for show off but he gave the job as he knew that he’s capable of it. He says that he got the job for his talents and asks if he’s interested in start up. Angad happily agrees.

Everyone at home are worried for Amrita and waits for her. Amrita comes there and asks where she was. Amrita asks why were they worried and asks can’t she go alone. She gives a lakh rupee to Kabir to pay for his company. Everyone asks from where he got the money. Amrita says that Karan has left some financial bonds for her and she sold it. Guneet and family asks why would she sell her savings for his mistake. Amrita asks if she don’t have any responsibility towards the house. She asks what if Kabir was sent to jail and Guneet says let him go for his mistake. Amrita calms him down.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kabir comes to Amrita and apologizes for what he has done. He says that he so desperately wanted to support his family which is why he took the wrong route. Amrita says she knows but asks him to not repeat it. Nimmo asks Guneet to accompany Kabir to pay back the money. Kabir gets scared that he would get caught if Guneet sees Meera and tries to avoid him but none listens to him. Amrita lightens the atmosphere. She finds Pritam’s stuff and recalls him asking for drawing and wonders the reason.

Pritam talks with Mansour who says that the lady applied for appeal right when she got to know that he took some step wise she wouldn’t care about him at all. Pritam is furious and asks Mansour to do something as the next day he needs to meet his son. Mansour agrees. Meera looks at Kabir’s seat and wonders if its because of her he made such a mistake but immediately brushes off the thought. She finds Kabir coming and is about to go to him but hides seeing Guneet. Kabir finds everyone behaving strange with him and feels bad. He calls Meera asking her to hide but she doesn’t pick up the call. Guneet and Kabir goes to Shetty’s cabin.

Precap :

Pritam desperately searches for his stuff and Amrita gives it to him.

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