Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Palki preparing while Brij acclaims her. She inquire as to whether she is looking fine, to which he denies just to prod her. The two of them spends a cheerful second, while around then she gets a call from Sudha, who requested that she come to the Rastogi’s home.

Palki gets stressed and shares her pressure with Brij, while he guarantees that all will be well. She expresses that imagine a scenario where Krish has educated his mom regarding their relationship. She inquire as to whether Sudha will acknowledge her as their little girl in-regulation? Brij quiets her and guidance to emphatically think.

Here, Palki gets invigorated and goes to meet Sudha. While, the last option exhaust out of frustration in the wake of finding out about Krish and Palki’s relationship. She stands up to Palki and begins yelling at her for attempting to grab Krish. Palki gets stunned with her response and attempts to clearify the claims. Though, Armaan, Dia, Krish and others additionally comes there.

Sudha faults Dia for controlling Krish and allowing Palki to trap him in affection. Armaan gets staggered and get some information about the matter. He demands her not to yell at Palki and Dia. Sudha informs him concerning Krish and Palki’s relationship and shows their photos to everybody. Krish attempts to make sense of her expressing that he was going to come clean with her.

Somewhere else, Sudha reproaches Krish and request that he keep silent. She puts all the fault on Dia expressing that it was her methodology to bring Palki into their home, so the two sisters can control the house and grab her place. Palki cries seeing the circumstance, while Armaan attempts to stop Sudha and says that she probably got Dia wrong.

Sudha gets irate seeing Armaan standing firm for Dia and looses her quiet. She says that he won’t ever comprehend her and will constantly consider Dia right. Her wellbeing begins breaking down, while everybody gets stressed. She announces that Armaan and Krish ought to go to Jammu alongside Saloni, while everybody gets stunned.

Ahead, Bhavna and Madhu gets stressed subsequent to hearing Sudha’s choice. Armaan attempts to quiet Sudha and brings water for her, however she breaks the glass. She denies to do anything except if he will acknowledge her choice. She goes inside her room and starts pressing her stuffs to take off from the house, while all gets strained for her. Sudha falls oblivious while pressing her gear, while Dia promptly breaks the window and goes inside the room.

Dia opens the entryway lock and we should everybody come inside the room. They all frenzies seeing Sudha’s condition and quickly sprinkles water all over. Armaan makes her lay on the bed, while she gradually recovers her cognizance. Armaan consents to acknowledge every one of her requests, while Dia stops him and says that she and Palki is the issue for Sudha.

Further, Dia chooses to take off from the house alongside Palki and apologizes for every one of the bothers to Sudha. She likewise clearifies everything with Bhavna and Madhu and goes towards the entryway subsequent to taking their favors. Everybody demands Sudha to stop them, while the last option at long last ask them not to leave. She understands her misstep and apologizes to Dia. She likewise gives favors to Krish and Palki. While, Madhu request that Palki click a selfie of their loved ones.

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