Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Shantaram denying the fault. He reviews Gunu ji’s words and shields himself in the court. He says I have lifted hand interestingly today, I m sorry.

Individuals say he is correct, no spouse can endure this. Ahilya says you are lying, Shantaram, its not whenever that you first lifted hand on Krishna, regardless of whether we accept it, why did you lift hand on her, lifting hand on a woman wrong,

at the point when a man utilizes his power and torments a lady, then, at that point, it’s a wrongdoing, you ought to get rebuffed for this. Shantaram says I buckle down in the fields, I return home and get denounced by my significant other, I acknowledge my slip-up,

I m sorry, I can’t get rebuffed for lifting hand on her once. The clergymen feel for Shantaram. Gunu ji says Shantaram has come clean, Krishna let us know that she is content with her better half, and today she is saying something different,

how might we accept her, we ought to end this matter here, else ladies will get a propensity to make stories. Ahilya says ladies simply make stories to adulate their better half, they conceal their significant other’s slip-ups, we will confirm Krishna’s assertion. She calls the locals. She says they are Krishna and Shantaram’s neighbors,

they will come clean with you. Ahilya met the locals. She requests that individuals help her in saving Krishna. She says we can take care of this issue of abusive behavior at home, simply believe in the event that your girl is a casualty of abusive behavior at home, in the event that nobody comes to help her… .

Turn into a model and assist a victim, your great deed with willing assistance your girls. Gunu ji says we heard their proclamation previously, why once more.

Khanderao says Shantaram and Krishna likewise gave the assertions, you had sent the men to take the locals’ assertions, today they have come here, let them talk. The residents welcome Khanderao. They affirm against Shantaram. They say Shantaram used to beat Krishna a great deal, Krishna is saying reality.

Ahilya calls another person. The man/Vaid ji says Gomti used to come to me to get the lep/prescriptions each other day, Krishna used to have a few injury stamps generally. Shantaram says nobody saw me beating her, right, its Krishna’s tricks, when I chastened her, she used to yell to approach me, she did this to conceal her errors, she is a thoughtless lady, she continues to fall, she gets injured.

Krishna yells irately. She says you have crossed limit this time, you have lifted hand on my little girl moreover. He asks how might you venture to meet my eyes and talk, you will compromise me before everybody. He flies off the handle and says OK,

I beat this lady. Khanderao and everybody look on. Shantaram asks what’s going on in it. He contends with her. He says it’s a spouse’s dharm to be in her significant other’s feet, you are contending with me, see what I do. He winds her hand.

Gomti cries. Khanderao yells Shantaram. He goes to Shantaram and takes a sword. He keeps it on Shantaram’s neck. He says don’t think I have saved you, I would have decapitated you, yet I didn’t do that, then, at that point, you would have not understood the reason why you got rebuffed, you will get rebuffed for making trouble with your significant other,

you would have not envisioned this discipline. He gives the blade to the watchman. He gets back to his lofty position. He drones the shlok. He says where a lady is loved, Devtas dwell there, Devs will be annoyed with your reasoning, a man’s firstmost obligation is to regard each lady and treat her well, a lady brings forth a youngster,

she merits regard, how might you venture to say terrible words to your significant other, you take a gander at Ahilya, she is Choti rani, she is likewise a lady, she handles the whole Rajya so indeed, and furthermore her family, simply a lady can adjust things and accomplish such work, you have offended Krishna, Malwa ladies and Choti Rani likewise, you offended my Ahilya… you will be rebuffed.

Precap :Ahilya requests that Shantaram apologize. Khanderao rebuffs Shantaram with a lifelong incarceration.

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