Apnapan 27th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Nick asking Manna not to get late. Pallavi deals with Manna. Sustenance says torment never leaves me. She feels sickness. Bua says Manna has done a regurgitation here, see that wine bottle,

it implies this young lady has come inebriated, she made the spot tainted. Sustenance asks Pallavi not to squander energy on her. Scratch requests that Nandita go, he will come on a bicycle. He gets Gagan’s bicycle and leaves. Bua says pandit ji have come, yet wine has fallen in the puja plate, how might we keep the bhog.

Barkha returns home from the parlor. Pandits leave. Barkha asks what is happening here. Bua says your sister has come from America, she is tipsy. Barkha sees Manna and goes to her. Bua asks how might we keep the bhog.

Badal says I will clean this with Gangajal and get the bhog. Nourishment says assuming that you want anything whenever, don’t call me. Barkha takes Manna. Pallavi and Badal go to make the bhog once more. Scratch and Gagan are en route to home.

Barkha inquires as to for what reason did you come here. Nourishment says to engage everybody, I feel remorseful for this show. Barkha says my inlaws can feel terrible. Sustenance says we know nothing, I wish we got raised together.

Barkha whines about her life. She says father gave you everything. Sustenance says however not mother, when I fell debilitated, I got the best specialists yet not anybody to cherish me, when I graduated, I got a games vehicle, I didn’t see my father, he was occupied with bringing in cash, you are correct, he gave me everything except not his time, you have your mother and her time,

you ought to be thankful. Barkha says I feel choked by this mother’s consideration, so I need to move wedded and disappear. Nourishment says disdain runs in our family, who calls his significant other dead. Scratch requests that Gagan proceed to get Manna.

Ishaan and his folks come. His father says I knew it, you will be here, Pallavi said you left, its your little girl’s capability. Pallavi figures Manna shouldn’t make an issue. Pandit requests lady of the hour’s father to do the puja. Pallavi says I will make it happen. Ishaan’s mum says no, Barkha’s father will make it happen. Scratch comes. Scratch and Pallavi do the puja together. Scratch gives some shagun to Ishaan. Pallavi goes to storeroom.

Scratch goes to her and contends. He inquires as to for what reason did you empower Manna, I was going yet Manna ran from the house, so I needed to come to take her. She says she was tanked, didn’t you stop her. He says you don’t consider Manna, I will deal with her. Police gets back home.

Examiner requests Gagan. He says we came to capture Gagan. Scratch figures how might I leave, I need to help Gagan. Pallavi asks how did he respond.

Barkha goes to Gagan and says police came for you. Scratch says you can’t capture Gagan, I m his… Pallavi says I m his mum, let me know his wrongdoing. Gagan is captured. He says I sat idle. Scratch contends with the police. Pallavi stops him. She sobs for Gagan. Maa says Gagan isn’t such a person.

Bua requests that Ishaan see the family brimming with issues. Pallavi returns home. She says police may be mixed up. Scratch says I addressed my legal counselor. She requests that he leave, she will bring her child back. Scratch says Gagan is in a difficult situation, I can’t let him be, he is my child moreover. She yells. Ishaan’s father asks what’s going on.

Scratch doesn’t say anything. Pallavi requests that he proceed to take his flight. Scratch takes Manna. He says we don’t have to remain here. Sustenance says at long last, I got a family and family show likewise, how could I leave, you are required here, you are getting away. He says OK, gives up at this point.

She says its resembles a film, Barkha’s sibling got captured, will the commitment occur or not. Pallavi hears the women meddling. Scratch says quit embarrassing yourself, adequately its. Barkha requests that they leave, they will settle their family issue. Sustenance inquires as to for what reason are you getting hitched, just to get away, you are additionally similar to father to take off. Scratch requests that Manna stop the gibberish. They leave. Barkha races to her room. Nandita says we will return to US.

Pallavi says I will proceed to come. Ishaan says Gagan needs me, I will go along to the police headquarters. He makes Barkha wear the ring.

Barkha says stop, I couldn’t say whether I need to get ready for marriage or not. Pallavi believes is she saying Nick’s choice. She asks is this a joke. Barkha says I would rather not get ready for marriage, don’t have the foggiest idea what Gagan did. She asks who might you pick either Gagan and me, I would rather not do this commitment.

Precap :Barkha says I couldn’t say whether I love you more or can’t stand my loved ones. Pallavi asks who recorded the objection. Monitor says Mr. Jai Singh. Pallavi says Nikhil fell so low, I can barely handle it. Scratch says I sat idle.

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