Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th June 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shanaya coming before Agastya and getting wounded. Ishan gets stunned and says this isn’t their piece of their arrangement. Agastya surges Shanaya to the emergency clinic. Ishan imagines that he would rather not put Shanaya’s life in risk, yet he needs to exploit what is going on. He comes to Agastya. He imagines that he is clueless and asks what occurred. Agastya determines what occurred. Ishan inquires as to whether he informed Pakhi. Agastya says that he didn’t get time, he will call her now.

Sameer is consulting with Pakhi about Prema’s mom, who isn’t well. Pakhi accepts Agastya’s call. Sameer responds to it. Agastya attempts to tell him, yet he can’t, so Ishan takes the telephone. He says that Shanaya miserable went after and she got cut. Agastya raced to the clinic. Sameer is paralyzed hearing this.

Pakhi and Sameer race to the medical clinic. Pakhi asks Ishan where Shanaya is. Ishan says that Shanaya is in the crisis, specialists are attempting to save her. Pakhi ponders who could go after her. Sameer faults Agastya and battles with him. Agastya says that he attempted to save Shanaya from the thugs. Sameer attempts to choke Agastya. Pakhi and Ishan stop him. Ishan shares with Sameer to pause, Shanaya will tell once she will be well. Pakhi gets some information about Shanaya. Ishan says that her injury is profound. Sameer slaps Agastya faulting him for Shanaya’s condition. He requests that Agastya get out. Sameer goes with Ishan to see Shanaya.

Agastya starts to walk crying. Pakhi sees that Agastya’s draining injury and cries. Agastya goes to God for Shanaya’s recuperation. Dadi, who has come for her daily practice, comes to Agastya realizing what occurred with Shanaya. Agastya embraces dadi crying saying that Sameer faults him for Shanaya’s condition. Dadi sees Pakhi coming. Dadi ask Pakhi for what valid reason Sameer is accusing Agastya and assuming that she’s likewise fault him. Pakhi says that she’s not in that frame of mind to consider anything and wishes Shanaya’s recuperation. Dadi guarantees Pakhi that God will make her fine. Agastya gets some information about Shanaya’s update. Pakhi takes Agastya to a specialist and says to treat his injury. Agastya says that it’s anything but a profound injury. Pakhi requests that Agastya sit and gets his injury treated. Specialist does his swathe. Pakhi runs on hearing Sameer getting down on her.

Sameer tells Pakhi that Shanaya needs blood and AB-is an interesting gathering and the emergency clinic doesn’t have supply of it. He says that he can’t give the blood as he is diabetes. So he chooses to get blood from any external blood donation center. Specialist says that Shanaya’s heart beat is dialing back and tells the medical caretaker inquire as to whether they organized the blood. The attendant asks something very similar to Ishan. He says that he was unable to orchestrate. All at once a ward kid says that they got blood.

Pakhi, Dadi and Ishan come and see Agastya giving the blood. Specialist says that Agastya can’t give blood as he, when all is said and done, harmed. Agastya requests that the specialist accept his blood as his sister’s life is in harm’s way. Specialist concurs. Late specialist declares to the family that Shanaya is saved and says that Agastya saved Shanaya’s life by acquiring her to the clinic perfect opportunity and by giving blood. Dadi shares with Sameer that Shanaya is fine and his uncertainty about Agastya should be cleared. Specialist expresses that there’s a terrible information. Specialist says that Shanaya’s uterus is harmed, so she will not have the option to become mother from now on stunning all. Agastya and Pakhi request that specialist do any treatment.

Specialist expresses that there is no any treatment. Sameer cries. Pakhi guarantees him that Shanaya will be fine. Agastya tells Pakhi that she employed investigator and police and will find whoever did this. Pakhi feels bleary eyed. Agastya holds her. Ishan gives her water. Pakhi says that she’s fine and leaves. Agastya says that he realizes who is behind this. Ishan gets stunned and asks who could do this. Agastya says that somebody is attempting to isolate him and Pakhi and a similar individual went after Shanaya. He says that he fails to see the reason why he designated Shanaya. He shares with Ishan that a similar individual outlined him. He commitments to track down that individual. Ishan guarantees that police will track down the offender.

Pakhi finds Agastya dozing. She believes that one side that Agastya is really focusing on Shanaya as her senior sibling and opposite side there’s verification that he didn’t change. She considers what to accept.

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