Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya asking Pakhi for what reason she’s terrified of him, he is her Dodo. Sameer comes and tells Agastya to let him and his family be. Agastya inquires as to whether he’s not his loved ones. Sameer tells Pakhi that he just conversed with Mohit over telephone and got to know whatever occurred in the question and answer session.

He inquires as to whether she understood that she can’t believe Agastya, he can destroy her life like he demolished Ishan’s. Agastya inquires as to whether he can’t recognize love easily for Pakhi. Sameer says that he would rather not get tricked once more. He expresses him to leave. Agastya will not leave without conversing with Pakhi. Sameer says that Pakhi would rather not converse with him. Pakhi stops Sameer.

Agastya expresses gratitude toward Pakhi and says that he realizes that their affection is profound to the point that she allowed him an opportunity. Pakhi surrenders Agastya his vehicle chain and demands him to abandon her and family for some time stunning Agastya. Sameer hauls Agastya out of the house. Agastya expresses him to allow an opportunity to demonstrate that he didn’t enroll grumble against Ishan. Sameer says that they need no confirmation. He requests that Agastya leave from Pakhi’s life.

Agastya says that Pakhi and him ought to have made a choice about it and solicitations to allow them to talk calmly. Sameer blames Agastya for destroying tranquility of their life. He says that he will not do the error accepting in the future. He pushes Agastya down and goes in by shutting the entryway.

Shanaya tells Pakhi that Agastya loves her very and demands her to allow him an opportunity. Prema concurs with Shanaya. She says that Agastya could be correct about somebody attempting to make misconception among them and solicitations her to converse with him once.

Pakhi asks who could make misconception between them. Shanaya advises her that Agastya told that he will track down that individual. Pakhi won’t give Agastya one more opportunity expressing his previous mishap. She cries. Prema consoles her. Opposite side Agastya separates in tears recalling Pakhi.

Ishan comes to the prison and meets Meera. Ishan says that he never believed that he would hold hands with her. He says that he wouldn’t have the option to transform his aggravation that Agastya gave him into a weapon, on the off chance that he didn’t meet her. Meera incites Ishan against Pakhi. She says that Pakhi pardoned and adores Agastya who destroyed his life. Ishan says thanks to Meera for making understanding that legitimization is should be grabbed. He commitments to grab Pakhi from Agastya and gets him rebuffed for how he managed him.

Meera faults Agastya for her condition. She says that Agastya is administering on the property which should be hers and Yugs. She commitments to grab the Raichand domain from Agastya. Ishan guarantees that he is with her. Meera says that the tempest in Agastya and Pakhi’s shouldn’t stop until their life is demolished.

Pakhi emerges and tracks down Agastya. She says that a tempest is coming, he might get unwell getting doused in the downpour. She requests that he return home as Dadi will be stressed for him. Agastya inquires as to whether she’s not stressed for him. Pakhi evades the inquiry and demands him to leave. Agastya says that she’s attempting to conceal her affection for him. Pakhi shuts the entryway and cries consolidating her back to the entryway.

The morning Prema awakens Pakhi and says to take a quick trip and see Agastya. Pakhi surges out. Prema imagines that fortunately Sameer isn’t at home. Pakhi gets stunned on finding a completely doused Agastya shuddering fever. Pakhi gets concerned and chastens him. Prema gets water and medication for Agastya.

The last option tells Prema that being Pakhi’s mom she ought to know Pakhi well overall. He inquires as to whether she can’t recognize easily love for him. He says that he realizes that Pakhi really focuses on him regardless of her making a respectable attempt to conceal it. Pakhi expresses him to quit blathering and have the medication. Agastya obliges. Pakhi says that he is acting crazy. Agastya says that this is his affection. Prema tells Agastya to come in and put on something else. Pakhi shares with Agastya to return home and abandons her for quite a while.

Agastya concurs. He says that regardless of whether Pakhi attempts to disappear from him, he will not disappear from Pakhi’s life till his final gasp. He leaves. Shanaya comes and asks what occurred. Prema says that Agastya was there the entire evening, he got doused. He concurred after part of endeavors and left at this point. She asks Shanaya where she is going. Shanaya shares with school and leaves.

Ishan is watching Shanaya sitting in the vehicle. Scarcely any thugs block Shanaya’s direction. Ishan reviews his preparation with Meera. In the FB Meera says that Agastya and Pakhi will get isolated perpetually assuming he hurts Shanaya. Shanya shares with those hooligans to let her go and takes steps to shout and call the group.

The men effectively cause Shanaya to get into the vehicle. Ishan says that he will save Shanaya turning into a legend and the thugs will fault Agastya to the police. He says that it will be sufficient to break the strinng of Pakhi and Agastya’s connection.

The thugs carry Shanaya to a godown. Shanaya yells for help. Agastya shows up there stunning Ishan. Agastya beats the thugs and save Shanaya. A thug assaults Agastya. The last option gets harmed. Agastya beats him. Ishan says that Agastya ruined his arrangement and asks why the hooligans began the battle. He thinks about how he could save Shanaya now. A hooligan cuts Agastya stunning Shanaya and Ishan.

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