Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dia pondering her activity and gets strained. She questions Armaan on the off chance that she has done right by slapping Jaggi, rather than saying ‘sorry’ to him? To which Armaan takes Dia to a frozen yogurt shop and gives her an exceptionally sweet frozen yogurt. She sees it and states that she can’t have it, to which he causes her to comprehend that individuals additionally can’t be sweet constantly in their life. He announces that an individual ought to act as per the circumstance and to the manner in which the other individual acts with them. He comforts Dia and guarantees that she have done a good job for show a thing or two to Jaggi.

Here, Armaan shows his help towards Dia and get some information about the matter. She questions assuming she will actually want to get any work after her activity? To which he says that she isn’t made for working for other people and empowers that she will go into business and will make others work under her.

Dia gets thrilled subsequent to hearing Armaan’s words and shows her appreciation towards him. She feels fortunate to get him as her better half, while Anju calls her being strained. She questions Dia about her choice and inquire as to whether she was sorry tk Jaggi or not? To which Dia tells her that she slapped him two times prior to leaving her place of employment.

Somewhere else, Anju gets stunned and chastens Dia for her activity. She expresses that Dia need to pay concequences for her doings and pronounces that she have fouled up. She exhortation Dia to proceed to apologize to Jaggi, however Dia denies and tell about her sufferings. She expresses that she will not apologize to Jaggi, while Anju gets disappointed with her little girl.

Palki gets content with Dia’s choice and shows her help towards her. Though, Anju chides her as well. Dia separates the call with Anju and shares her failure with Armaan, while he causes her to comprehend that mother’s dependably care for their childrens. He request that she think through Anju’s perspective.

Ahead, Armaan quiets Dia and ask her not to adversely think. She takes a gander at him and questions assuming her profession will end? To which he denies and guarantees her that she will take off. She embraces him being overpowered by his help. While, Madhu gets stunned seeing Dia’s video of slapping Jaggi, getting viral. Her companions derides her for having a characterless girl in-regulation.

Dia and Armaan gets once again to their home and gets paralyzed seeing the viral video. Madhu begins reproving Dia and brings up on her personality. Dia attempts to account for herself yet Bhavna and Madhu reproaches her. Armaan stands firm for Dia and announces that she haven’t done anything wrong. He says that Dia won’t ever apologize to Jaggi.

Further, Armaan gives an admonition to Madhu and ask her not to express anything against Dia, though the katter gets frightened of his indignation. She then, at that point, reprimands Armaan for conflicting with her and ask not to give such a lot of opportunity to Dia. She likewise ask Dia to at absolutely no point ever work in the future, while last option gets stunned. Afterward, Bhavna advise Madhu about Dia’s ex and induces against her. Where, Dia imparts her concern to Armaan, while he attempts to make her unwind.

Precap:- Armaan makes Dia converse with his companion, who attempts to assist Dia with finding a new line of work. She assists Dia with getting a new line of work and acclaims her for her resume. Dia gets cheerful and questions in the event that she really wants some other thing? To which the last option request that Dia bring her personality declaration from her past work. Armaan and Dia gets stressed.

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