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The episode begins with Maya says Gungun that she is the person who consented to wed Ranvijay. Gungun asks Maya when did she told. Maya asks then for what valid reason did she stay quiet when Ranvijay made the marriage declaration. Maya says that she doesn’t what issue happening between them yet requests that she figure it out saying on the off chance that anything turns out badly, their standing will be in question. Gungun says that she just thinks often about her standing not about her joy. Maya inquires as to whether she isn’t content with this marriage game plans why did she vowed to Ranvijay.

Gungun says she never made a guarantee to Ranvijay likewise says that she consented to go with Maya to USA just to keep away from Ranvijay. Maya says to wed then she will stop Ranvijay yet Gungun says its not required yet Maya takes her portable to call Ranvijay. Ranvijay in his home lashes out that the cash he has isn’t enough however after he gets hitched to Gungun he will likewise become more extravagant. He gets cheerful seeing getting a call from Gungun. Ranvijay welcomes believing its Gungun yet Maya says it’s her. Ranvijay apologizes to her and asks how is she and Gungun.

Maya says that she called him to clear the misconception and says that they need to drop the marriage plans in light of the fact that Gungun isn’t content with this and she cannot compel her to accomplish something which she don’t need. She further says that she is glad to acknowledge him as her child in regulation however Gungun is denying so she remembered to illuminate him and apologizes to him.

Gungun flies off the handle and asks Maya for what valid reason she is giving such a lot of clarification to him likewise why she is meddling in her life. Maya says that she is her mom after her dad it’s her obligation to deal with her. Maya apologizes to Ranvijay yet Ranvijay says that he will carry his parent’s to discuss the marriage. Maya gets some information about Gungun to which Ranvijay says that she is angry with him yet requests that she give her the telephone he will converse with her.

Maya gives the telephone however Gungun rejects which drives Maya to chide her. Gungun takes the telephone and from the other line Ranvijay asks Gungun how might she venture to express no to this partnership. He further reminds her in the event that she dont get hitched to him, he will demolish both Anubhav and Ridesh’s standing by posting the photograph of her and Anubhav. Gungun yells at him yet Ranvijay cautions her not to speak more loudly or probably she need to pay for it.

Gungun cries and asks Ranvijay for what good reason he is doing this. Maya gets befuddled seeing Gungun’s way of behaving. Ranvijay says that he needs her eventhough to safeguard her from him Anubhav filled her hairline with vermilion however there is no utilization on the grounds that in the end him will wed her and nobody is here to stop this course of action. Gungun cuts the call and asks Maya when they are going to USA. Maya says this Saturday. She gets some information about her choice to wed Ranvijay. Gungun yells at her truism she previously told that she dont need to wed him and leave the room.

Anubhav in his room taking care of business. Akriti comes there and shuts the PC saying he is continuously working. He isn’t giving her time eventhough they are recently married he is generally occupied with his works. She requests that he have pakoras which she brought for him. Anubhav says Akriti that he has such a lot of work to do so tells he don’t have time however Akriti says that now they are hitched they need to get to know each other. She puts her hand around him and says she wont give him any private space in a caring manner however Anubhav says that he really wanted a space and tells her to not to upset him and makes a distance among him and Akriti.

Akriti says there is such countless things left to talk about. Anubhav asks what it is. Akriti says that Ranvijay and Gungun’s marriage. She says that she knows that the two of them will wind up together and she is feeling significantly better at this point. Anubhav gets confounded and inquires as to why she is feeling better with this news. Akriti requests that he overlook it and says that the two of them are thoughtless and flighty individuals so they are ideally suited for one another. Anubhav comes up with a rationalization that he is having a cerebral pain and leaves the room.

Akriti flies off the handle yet shares with herself that she knows it’s not his head but rather his heart is harming however all that will be okay soon once the issue name Gungun leaves from their life. Anubhav reviews Akriti’s words and blows up. He calls Gungun and attacks her for catching him saying in the event that it’s her real intend to wed Ranvijay, what is the most ideal requirement for her a few days ago to cause such situation which lead him to fill her hairline with vermilion.

Gungun gets stunned and irate yet lets Anubhav know that she previously let him know that she dont esteem the vermilion why he is generally behind that vermilion and requests that he center around his marriage existence with Akriti. She additionally advises Anubhav to zero in on his special first night plan with Akriti. Anubhav says that Akriti is envisioning this and he never told it was his arrangement. Gungun says even Ranvijay’s creative mind is to get hitched to her and she never told that she needed to wed him. Anubhav will not trust Gungun’s words and calls her liar. Gungun gets injured.

Anubhav lets Gungun know that he is glad that he broke their marriage union with her and wedded to Akriti or probably he would need to go through the entirety of her fits of rage for consideration. For this very reason just she told him generally that she will meet her beau even after their marriage as well yet fortunately he get hitched to Akriti anyway she will be she is ideal for him. Gungun lets Anubhav know that she consented to wed him on the grounds that Ridesh constrained her. She likewise expresses that from the start she realizes he is keen on Akriti and that is the explanation he commended Akriti during their sangeet. Anubhav gets out anything he told about Akriti that day is valid came from his heart.

Gungun asks Anubhav then for what good reason did he claim to cherish her and talked and vowed to her things which he can’t satisfy. Anubhav says that he was inept yet presently he got to be familiar with her actual face. Gungun comes clean with Anubhav the day he learns he will think twice about it without a doubt. Anubhav requests that she let him know immediately then taunts at her adage he knows she dont have any clarification to give. Gungun flies off the handle so bid farewell and cuts the call. Gungun embraces Ridesh’s photograph and says that she is doing this just to safeguard Anubhav. She might think twice about it later yet she needs to do this.

Later Ranvijay and his folks comes to Gungun’s home. Ranvijay’s mom gets some information about Gungun. Maya proceeds to get stunned seeing Gungun didn’t as yet prepare so she causes her to prepare then takes her with her to meet Ranvijay’s folks. Ranvijay’s mom questions why Gungun is crying. Maya says that she is feeling the loss of her dad. Ranvijay’s mom guarantees her that they will take great consideration of her. Gungun looks on.

Precap: Gungun goes into the Kulshreshth’s home and says that she will uncover her better half’s personality to them as they all showed such a lot of interest. She then, at that point, asks Anubhav for what good reason he is preventing her from uncovering reality and says that she comprehends the affection he have for her so she come to remain with him for eternity. Akriti gets angry and lift her hand however Gungun stops and requests that she not to meddle when the primary spouse is talking which stuns the relatives.

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