Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dia contacting her office and faces Kajal in regards to her discussion with Armaan. She approaches Kajal to converse with her and request that she avoid Armaan. She reproaches her for attempting to in the middle among Armaan and her wedded life, though Kajal acts to be blameless and get some information about the matter. Dia tell her about how she conversed with Armaan and requested that he get joined with her once more. She gives a reasonable admonition to Kajal expressing that she got to be familiar with her genuine nature. She pronounces that she won’t extra Kajal assuming she again attempts to control Armaan and declares that nobody can in the middle between them.

Here, Kajal professes to be Dia’s companion and request that she quiet down. She acts to be confounded and denies every one of the charges, though Dia breaks her companionship with Kajal. Around then Jaggi in the middle among them and request that Dia observe the rules. He stands firm for Kajal and declares that Dia can’t talk discourteously with her, to which the last option request that Jaggi avoid their matter.

Jaggi denies to hear Dia and announces that Kajal and Armaan looks extraordinary together. He says that the two of them praises one another and Armaan wedded Dia simply because of compassion. Dia gets stunned and stands firm for herself pronouncing that Jaggi can’t pass individual remarks upon her.

Somewhere else, Jaggi continues to deride Dia for her skin tone and says that she doesn’t merits anybody’s adoration. He says that her karma was great that Armaan wedded her and pity for him, while she gets irate and slaps him hard. He gets stunned alongside different workers. She gives a severe admonition to him pronouncing that he shouldn’t have in the middle between her own matter.

Palki partakes in her quality time with Anju and the two of them eats together. In the interim, Bhavna calls her and questions in the event that Dia comes there? To which the two gets stressed and denies expressing that Dia haven’t come there and get some information about the matter. The last option lets Anju know that how Dia goes out being irate, while they begins stressing over Dia. Palki faults Madhu for everything, while Anju continues to attempt to call Dia.

Ahead, Dia tell her family about reality and ponders her demonstration. While, Anju reproves Dia for slapping her senior and request that she apologize to him to land her position back. Where, Palki blows up with her mom for not supporting Dia. Though, the last option denies to apologize to Jaggi.

Kajal sneers seeing Dia endure, while Dia’s manager organizes a gathering and reproves her for slapping Jaggi. They announces that they won’t bear viciousness, while she advise them about the halfway treatment of Jaggi because of her skin tone. They denies to catch wind of it and request that Dia apologize to Jaggi.

Further, Armaan comes to Dia’s office and finds out about the matter from Ruby. He shows his help towards Dia and gives her certainty to battle. Though, Dia again slaps Jaggi and announces to leave the work. Jaggi gives an admonition to Dia, though she proclaims that she will confront him and will confront him from the top. In the interim, Armaan feels pleased with Dia. Though, Madhu gets stunned seeing Dia slapping her senior, as the video becomes famous online.

Precap:- Madhu stands up to Dia and reproves for her demonstration. She ridicules Dia for demolishing their standing and announces that she will not finish any work from this point forward. She focuses a finger on Dia’s personality, while Armaan yells at her to stop. He stands firm for Dia and precludes Madhu from remarking on Dia’s personality.

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