Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with race starts between guardians. Educator requests that guardians hold each other well or probably they can tumbled down. Rudraksh and Preesha holds one another. Ruhi supports them. Pihu gets irritated. They says that only for Ruhi and they comes out on top in the race. Ruhi gets blissful. Rudraksh lift Preesha up in energy. He says that he love her. Ruhi goes along with them saying that she love them.

Pihu lets herself know that she won’t allow them to become cheerful family. She says that Rudraksh shouldn’t question that she is getting Rudraksh far from Preesha. She embraces Preesha to salute her and she falls on her. She says that children pushed her. Preesha says that she hyper-extended her leg and how might she take part in the forthcoming races. Pihu believes that she will take an interest with Rudraksh. Instructor declares next contest.

Pihu lets Rudraksh know that she can partake with him for Ruhi’s satisfaction on the grounds that Preesha can’t take part in that frame of mind at this condition. Ruhi tells her that the last option can’t partake with Rudraksh. She requests that Rudraksh run by picking Preesha. Rudraksh lets her that know that is impractical. Preesha says that Rudraksh don’t have solidarity to do that. Rudraksh says that he can do that. Ruhi brings emergency treatment box. Rudraksh treats Preesha’s hyper-extended leg. Pihu flies off the handle seeing everything. She imagines that Ruhi demolished her arrangements.

Rudraksh makes sense of Educator that why they are partaking this way. Preesha inquires as to whether he is fine. He tells her that she put on weight without a doubt. He requests that she not glare him and spotlight on the opposition. Next rivalry starts ( Ziddath melody plays behind the scenes ).

After some time, Educator reports that Rudraksh and Preesha won the opposition. She lauds them. Ruhi lets them know that they are world best guardians. She lets them know that she love them to such an extent. Preesha tells her that she additionally love her to such an extent. Rudraksh says that he love them to such an extent. They takes a gander at one another. Ruhi expresses gratitude toward God for everything. She trust that her folks get rejoined.

In the Khurana house, Armaan ponders that why Preesha didn’t as yet get back. He says that he is eager. Khuranas goes into the house. Ruhi requests that Saaransh see her prizes. Armaan asks Preesha that where she went. He tells her that he is eager. Ruhi lets Saaransh know that their folks won decorations and prizes. She says that she is so cheerful. She lets Saaransh know that they clicked family photograph as well and everybody said that they are wonderful family. She lets Armaan know that he isn’t relative.

Afterward, Armaan slip into Ruhi’s room. He says that Preesha is his Preesha aunt not Ruhi’s mom. He trim her hair. Following day, Ruhi gets stunned seeing her hair.

Precap – Ruhi and Rudraksh faults Armaan. Armaan gives chocolate milk shake to Ruhi. Saaransh contemplates whether Ruhi is fine.

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