Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rudraksh comprehends that Ruhi is behind this. He sees kids concealing there and he requests that they emerge. He asks them that who made it happen. Kids says that they did it together. Ruhi says that they believed Preesha and Rudraksh should rejoin. Saaransh says that he needed to show Pihu that the amount Rudraksh and Preesha love one another. Pihu reprimands them.

Rudraksh says that children are right on the money since it will not be simple for them to acknowledge his marriage. She lets him know that their marriage happened as of now. He tells her that he is as yet their dad and Preesha is their mom. He requests that she give messes with an opportunity to embrace the situation. He lets kids know that their folks got isolated and they need to acknowledge this reality.

Ruhi lets Saaransh know that their arrangement got destroyed. Saaransh berates her that they won’t back. She sees Armaan. She lets her sibling know that she needs to show a thing or two to Armaan. Afterward, educational cost class moves past. Armaan’s gasp gets torned when he gets up. Every one of the understudies chuckles at him including Ruhi and Saaransh.

Armaan whines about Ruhi to Preesha. Ruhi lies that she sat idle. Preesha requests that Armaan change. Ruhi reviews that how she put stick on Armaan’s seat. She lets Saaransh know that she will request that their folks go to the school sports day.

Afterward, Ruhi requests that Rudraksh go to the school sports day. Pihu tells her that it’s impractical. Rudraksh lets Ruhi know that he isn’t with Preesha now. Ruhi lets him know that nobody in her school realize that he is hitched to Pihu. She says that she let her companions know that her folks are ideal. She argues him to come as Preesha’s significant other for one day.

He tells her that Preesha will not concur. She lets him know that she will persuade Preesha. He consents to go to it. She embraces him and leaves from that point. She requests that Preesha go to the school sports day as Rudraksh’s significant other for the wellbeing of she. Preesha consents to join in. Ruhi says thanks to her and embraces her.

Pihu lets Rudraksh know that this is somewhat absurd. Rudraksh tells her that children needs their help. He says that his children are his need so he will do this and leaves from that point. She says that she will go with him to the school.

Following day, Rudraksh and Preesha lets each know other that they are doing this for Ruhi. Ruhi lets them know that she is blissful. She gets stunned seeing Pihu there. Rudraksh tells her that Pihu came to encourage her. Ruhi acquaints her folks with her companion. She presents Pihu as Rudraksh’s sister. Educator declares that guardians likewise needs to take part today. Ruhi persuades her folks to partake in the race.

Precap – Ruhi lets Saaransh know that she won prize because of her folks. Armaan tells Pihu that Ruhi is isolating him from Preesha. She lets him know that she will let him know thought to pursue retribution on Ruhi. Following day, Ruhi gets stunned seeing her hair.

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