Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amba and Dev are cutting the cake together. Chithra takes care of the cake to them. Chithra tells them we should design an exotic marriage for them. Abhimanyu requests that she take their ideas as well. He adds that Dev as a rule likes basic wedding.

Amba requests that he express what’s to him. Dev asks Chithra doesn’t she feel cheerful? She gestures with her. He tells her that his bliss means quite a bit to him. Sathyavathi feels upset.

Amba proposes them to play out their commitment to Vidhi’s home thinking her desire satisfied there. Priya says that she could do without to play out her commitment there thinking they are lower working class.

Amba tells them that Milalini Devi who satisfy her desire. To that end she needed to perform it infront of her. Dev pardons them and leaves. In the interim, Vidhi rememering the occurrences. She feels that her most memorable love wound up that way. Here, Dev is restless contemplating what is going on. He opens his pantry and find the shirt which gifted by Vidhi. He wears it and recalling his minutes with her. He feels that Vidhi is in his heart. Why she requested that he wed Amba?

Vidhi believes that she doesn’t know regardless of whether Dev have sentiments on her? She doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s at the forefront of his thoughts. She needs to failed to remember everything. Dev imagines that Vidhi made the wall inside himextremely upset and slips into his heart. Here Priya requests that Sathyavathi be glad for Amba. She surrendered her business and properties to turn into her girl in regulation. Bimla saw Vidhi isn’t well. She tells her that she will bring tea for her.

Sathyavathi asks Dev what’s happening here? She is very much aware that Chithra is resolute to play out this wedding. For that reason she brought Amba here. She adds that Dev shouldn’t squander his life for her. Dev attempts to deal with the circumstance there. He adds that Amba is a decent individual. She cherishes him a ton. What else he really wants?

Sathyavathi lets him know that she was a decent individual before itself as well. She adored him. In any case, what might be said about his choice? Does he has sentiments on her? Dev keeps silent there. Sathyavathi reminds him thar he shared with her that he could do without a young lady like Amba. Dev says that he don’t can’t stand her. Love will occur after marriage as well.

Abhimanyu calls Vidhi to illuminate her that Dev consented to wed Amba. He gives the credits to her. Vidhi gets shock to hear it. Abhimanyu asks her to simply express it out what she might want to get from him? He will satisfy her desire. Afterward, Sathyavathi encourages Dev to don’t demolish his bliss for other people. He shouldn’t play with his life like that. He will lament later for this. She adds that he took an off-base choice. Both Dev and Vidhi remembering their wonderful minutes. She floats into rest.

Dev calls Vidhi yet Hariprasad goes to the call and illuminates him she is dozing out of tired. Dev requests that he let her take rest. Here, Vidhi imagines that she is worn out. Amba is amazing to Dev. Why her heart saying that he has sentiments on her. She needs to hear what’s his heart talking about. Dev imagines that he is worn out to conceal his affections for her. Afterward, Sathyavathi came to the Balghar.

She talks profound with Dev’s mother photograph. She shares her distress to her and asks her to assist Dev with tracking down his genuine affection. She hasn’t arrived to apologize to her for her error. She can’t see her childrence battling that way. Her childrence doesn’t have a major heart like Dev. She neglects to be a decent mother to him. Vidhi hears her admission and feels remorseful.

Precap; Dev will get back to his office. Representatives will give a shock to him. Kanika will report to everybody that Dev going to at long last get hitched. Vidhi will let him know that she will supplicate God to satisfy them long lasting.

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