Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev asking Vidhi does she truly thinking he needs to wed Amba? Vidhi lets him know that his relatives will be exceptionally glad to see him getting hitched. Both Dev and Amba looks amazing together. Amba loves him a great deal. In the interim, Chithra tells Amba that they needs to visit her home. Amba gestures with her.

Vidhi tells Dev that she chose to completely zero in on MBA. She will utilize her office time to plan for it. She requests that he guide her in it. She would rather not lose her focus. Afterward, Amba takes Chithra to Vidhi’s home to do petition in sanctuary. Bimla gets glad to see her there and helps her to do the pooja. Amba expressing gratitude toward God for satisfying her desire. Vidhi asks Dev to drops her there. She will stroll to home from here. Dev requests that she hold on until he drops her in home.

Bimla tells Chithra that Dev is a thoughtful individual he helped a ton in Vidhi’s life. Chithra says that he is like that as it were. Amba tells Bimla that Vidhi is likewise a decent individual. Could it be said that they are looking for another union for Vidhi after her commitment broken? She truly prefers her and agonizing over her. To that end getting some information about it?

Bimla tells her that they are scanning a union for her yet she believes should do MBA. Amba advises her that she needs to see Vidhi getting hitched to a decent family. She wish to see her get an individual who cherishes her really. Who figures out her family and studies. She asks her to simply illuminate her assuming they need any assistance in Vidhi’s wedding. Bimla say thanks to her. Amba and Chithra leaves from that point. In the mean time, Dev drops Vidhi in her place.

Dev requests that Vidhi leave cautious. She shares with him that she needed to ask something to him. Vidhi tells him that anything they say it’s her sentiments and choice. Her sentiments is valid for him. She is getting an energy that he has same affections for her. She asks him to say nothing. She would rather not hear anything. She has no assumptions from him. She feels glad to adore him.

She will feels the adoration on him deep rooted. She say thanks to him for came into her life and guide him. She doesn’t lament for going gaga for an individual like him. He is a brilliant individual. She will do anything for his bliss and sit tight for him. She asks him Does he has any sentiments on her? She feels like he had sentiments on her. Be that as it may, he would rather not share it to her. On the off chance that he feels anything for her, tell her. She will hang tight for himself and petitions God for him. Dev is in a difficult situation hearing it. Vidhi going to leave from that point however Dev stops her.

Dev going to admit his sentiments to her yet something stops him. He misleads her that he will message her after arrive at home and leaves. Vidhi cries remembering her delightful minutes with Dev. Afterward, Dev saw Amba is in home. He speculated that they requested that Vidhi persuade him. Chithra say thanks to him and compliments him. Chithra asks Chithra will he wed Amba? Dev shares with her that Chithra is his beginning and end. He won’t ever dishearten her. She will be glad to hear him consenting to wed Amba right?

Chithra gestures with him. Dev gestures with her. Relatives shares their bliss to him and salutes Amba. Sathyavathi feels something off-putting. Amba believes that she knows that he was confounded yet one day he will comprehend that she is his ideal accomplice. Priya asks Sathyavathi doesn’t she content with this collusion? She misleads her. Chithra is anticipating their wedding. Amba takes Sathyavathi’s approval.

Precap; Relatives will examine about Dev and Amba’s wedding game plans. Abhimanyu will say thanks to Vidhi for her assistance. In view of her Dev consented to wed Amba. Vidhi will get injured to hear it.

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