Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Chini getting wounded by a blade to save Imlie, Arto stresses for herself and asks Chini not to overreact. He takes out the blade and his sibling says the organization isn’t working and he couldn’t call the rescue vehicle. Shivani attacks Imlie as she just organized everything for the hawan and destroyed it. How might she call looters here? Imlie says she put full endeavors to orchestrate everything appropriately except she had no clue they are looters.

Arto says they ought to zero in on Chini right now as opposed to accusing Imlie. Imlie asks Chini for what valid reason she in the middle between to save her? Chini begins acting and says since she is her sister. She assumes she purposely faced challenge to prevail in her arrangement and presently noone can prevent her from remaining in Rana House. Arto says he will take her to specialist. Chini says she couldn’t actually move because of agony, she can’t go to medical clinic. Arto lifts up Chini and takes her to room. Imlie sobs for her.

Rudra sees generally that and gets stunned thinking Chini came here to satisfy her thought process, he lets Devika know Chini upto. Imlie applies balm on Chini’s injury. Chini asks her do it gradually, when somebody says Imlie is feeling more agony than her sister. Imlie goes to converse with Rudra and Devika and they advise her to send Chini back home. Imlie says she can’t allow Chini to go in that state. Rudra says Imlie isn’t the specialist and she has different obligations here as well.

Devika says it’s their choice to not allow Chini to remain here now Imlie ought to choose. Kia tells Chini the last option in a real sense got harmed to execute her arrangement. Chini says on the grounds that at some point individuals ought to face challenge for enormous plans. She is certain Imlie is liable and presently she won’t let her take off from the house. Kia says she shouldn’t anticipate much from Imlie. Chini looks certain however much to her shock Imlie and Atharv both request that she take off from the house.

Imlie says she isn’t a specialist and Chini should be treated in the medical clinic as it were. Arto likewise upholds Imlie and Chini gets angered. Devika advises Imlie to pack some gear as she will remain with Chini. Kia derides Chini at the top of the priority list. Divya feels Chini came here for another rationale. Arpita and Sundar discuss work and Rupy comes to them. Rupy says she is feeling far improved. Sundar becomes acquainted with from Arto that Chini got wounded.

Rupy feels regretful for questioning her. She says she needs to apologize to Chini and she passes on to meet her with Sundar and Arpita. Chini ponders Imlie can’t advise her to leave that effectively, definitely another person is involved. Rudra takes medical checkup for Chini and says she isn’t Imlie’s genuine sister. He recommends Chini to bring rest at her back home. Chini figures she won’t surrender and devises another arrangement.

Jatin gets a text from Chini that she can’t survive without him, she believes him should wed her in the wake of eloping together. He gets cheerful, Imlie sees the blood stained bandanna and cries holding it. Arto comes to her and Imlie communicates her distress how Chini means the world for her.

Her folks raised Chini and she feels their presence by being with her. Arto consoles Imlie saying it’s simply a test and Chini will improve. Imlie holds his hand and expresses gratitude toward him for invigorating her. He says some of the time her words astound him. She requests that he guarantee her that nothing will happen to Chini. He does so and they embrace one another.

Precap-Arto says Jatin abducted Chini, Rudra comes clean with Imlie to find out. Imlie says she will. Jatin makes Chini wear a neckband in a cottage and Rudra sees them. Imlie and Arto go inside the cabin.

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