Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bimla requesting that Vidhi prepare as quickly as possible. She is getting late for her office. Vidhi comes there pretty drained. Bimla asks her for what valid reason she isn’t as yet prepare? Vidhi tells her that she will prepare later. Bimla asks her what has been going on with her? She never languid to go to office. Vidhi reprimands her that she isn’t taking. She will leave later.

Hariprasad passes on to actually take a look at the individual. Bimla asks her what’s annoying her? Vidhi misleads her as nothing. Hariprasad returns there and illuminates her that Dev called her yesterday. Vidhi questions them for what reason didn’t they awaken her? Vidhi apologize to her and leaves. Bimla shares with Hariprasad that she is acting odd. Afterward, Rishab gives desserts to Kanika and tells her marriage fixed.

Kanika asks him whose marriage? Rishab tells her that Dev at last going to get hitched. Kanika gets eager to hear it. Afterward, Chithra and Vickram visits Dev’s home. Priya and Abhimanyu invite them. Priya asks Chithra how is everything turning out on there? Chithra says that she is so energized and getting ready everything pronto.

She is so eager to orchestrate all that for Amba’s commitment. They takes endowments from Sathyavathi. Priya tells Chithra that she could do without the manner in which Amba chose to play out the commitment to Vidhi’s home. They have no norm. How might they play out this commitment there.

Kanika requests that Vidhi orchestrate all that to give shock to Dev. Dev will get hitched to Amba. Vidhi gets damages to hear it and says that it’s a cheerful information. Afterward, Sathyavathi pardons everybody and leaves. Priya says that Sathyathi is looking disturbed. She is disturbed in any way.

Abhimanyu says that it’s better Dev talking with mother about it. Afterward, Amba shares her commitment news to Bimla. Bimla gets glad to hear the news. Urmila acclaims the desserts taste there. Amba gives the principal greeting to Bimla. She imparts to her that Vidhi and Milani maa satisfied her desire. She describes to her how did Vidhi got her as Dev’s better half wrong. Afterward, Kanika really looks at the mail of Arjun. Vidhi asks her for what valid reason she is looking dull? She imparts to Vidhi that Arjun went to UK without illuminating her. Vidhi gets astounded to hear. She tells her that he expressed nothing to her about it.

Afterward, Urmila really takes a look at the greeting and valued their science. Amba demands Bimla to allow to play out their commitment to Milani maa sanctuary. Bimla gets glad to hear it and consents to her. Urmila says that Dev Raichand going to get taken part in our Sanctuary. It’s a pleased minutes to them. Afterward, Dev pondering Vidhi’s words. Yogesh takes him out. He gets astounded to see the plans. Kanika salutes him alongside representatives. He looks for Vidhi there. Sangeetha gets injured to hear this news.

Vidhi comes there and compliments him. She gets tears in her eyes. Sangeetha says that she gets tears when she is cheerful. Kanika requests that Vidhi give gift to Dev. She requests that they give it to him. Afterward, Amba checking out the house with Bimla. Urmila gives the solicitation to her. She asks Bimla about the improvements works? Urmila says that she is here to organize everything. Amba values her. She requests that she send the plans to her. She will give advance after actually take a look at it.

Vidhi tells Dev that she will implore God to satisfy him generally with Amba. Yogesh reported to everybody that Vidhi persuaded Dev to wed Amba. Everybody applauds her. Vidhi tells him that she needs to see him having a blissful existence with Amba.

Precap; Hariprasad and Bimla will visit the workplace to compliment Dev. Dev will attacks Vidhi for frequently her folks visit the workplace. Hariprasad and Bimla will get injured to hear it.

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