Udariyaan 27th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Angad notice Fateh and pushing him down. Fateh thinks what happened that Angad responded this way. Tejo sees the pics. She thinks this young lady has a similar injury on her hand, does Angad know this young lady, Riya said that young lady had her doll, for what reason did that young lady grab Riya from the shopping center, Angad needs to tell me. Angad returns home hurt.

Tejo becomes stressed. She asks what’s this, how could you get injured. He says I was going across street, and got injured by a bike. She says its not such injury, did you begin boxing, even Fateh used to accompany such injuries. He becomes irate and reproves her. He says you realize I get injured by his name, you generally take his name. She asks when did I take his name. He says don’t misjudge me, when that man has harmed you so much, then, at that point, fail to remember him. She says I m attempting to fail to remember him, so I went out and pind.

He says Tejo ji, sorry, I vowed to make you grin, you get dismal when you talk about Fateh, don’t take his name before me, else I will become irate youngster rather the cool buddy. She says you are saying right. She does the guide to Angad’s injuries. Pyaar hua… .plays…

Fateh does the guide to his injuries. He reviews Tejo. Angad says on the off chance that you take care like this, then, at that point, I will find a bike consistently. Tejo asks truly, you are getting filmi. He figures Tejo ought to concur for the marriage.

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Fateh gets some information about Angad. Sharma says he is a decent individual, his sibling passed on in the mishap, Angad has his sibling’s girl Riya, she is his reality, yet her Nani needs to get her. Fateh thinks it implies Angad is a decent man, Tejo is protected. Jasmin converses with Riya’s Nani available for potential emergencies. Jasmin says I know what I need to do, Riya will be with you, hang tight for my call. Angad and Tejo are coming. Jasmin follows them.

Fateh follows Jasmin. Angad and Tejo head off to some place. Fateh stows away from her and looks on. Jasmin calls Babli and says I m calling from medical clinic, your child met with a mishap, come quick. Babli becomes stressed. Jasmin calls Riya’s Nani and says Tejo and Angad won’t return home for quite a while, you go there and get Riya. Jasmin goes to Angad’s vehicle. She has a blade in her grasp. Fateh proceeds to hold her hand. She turns and gets stunned seeing him. He takes her to the vehicle. She admonishes him and asks who are you, whose visa would you like to consume today, Tejo’s adoration got you here.

He says you need to hurt Tejo, I don’t need you to do this, I rebuffed you for your wrongdoings. She says you conned me, I cherished you. He asks didn’t your theatrics end. She says I didn’t have the foggiest idea, your Tejo is so cunning, she caught Angad and you in her adoration. He says shut up, she doesn’t realize that I m here. She asks doesn’t she realize that you are her mysterious protector, truly, she is content with Angad, why are you here. He says I m saving her from you, what’s your arrangement.

She says you have gone distraught in her affection, you generally have some serious love, you left Tejo for myself and afterward left me for Tejo. He asks what are you arranging. He says I would rather not ruin her joy, accompany me, we will show Tejo that we are content, Tejo can continue on in her life without any problem. She gets Riya Nani’s call.

He answers and puts on speaker. He hears Nani’s discussions. He says do nothing by paying attention to this young lady, she is shrewd, don’t attempt to take Riya. He disengages. He asks what is happening, you are involving Riya for your vengeance. Babli calls Angad and says my child met with a mishap, I need to go to medical clinic. He says delay until we come. The call closes. Angad says Riya will be distant from everyone else at home.

Tejo says we will return. They leave. Fateh says I won’t allow this to occur. He takes Jasmin in the vehicle. Jasmin requests that he stop the vehicle. She says stand by, I would rather not go anyplace with you. She pulls handbrakes and stops the vehicle.

She gets down the vehicle. Fateh says I will remove you from Tejo, get lost, on the off chance that I see you around Tejo… She says I m not terrified of you, I have cash and contacts, how will you respond. Fateh says you purchase bliss with that cash. She says I m doing this to render retribution on Tejo. He says you didn’t transform, I was such frantic to cherish you, I left everything for you, my home, family and Tejo, I lament, I m irate on myself, so I m apologizing, I will forever secure Tejo, I will go to her and tell our reality.

Precap :Tejo says Riya will get a family in the event that you get hitched. Angad says I have one young lady at the forefront of my thoughts. Jasmin finds out with regards to the new customer. Fateh is in camouflage. Jasmin meets him. They dance.

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