Choti Sardarni 27th December 2021 Written Update:

Seher says Rajveer take a gander at me? He says I am taking a gander at you. Seher says yet I am here. Seher says you can’t see? Wow. She runs out and says sister call the specialist. Raj can’t see. Rajveer says I am fine. Seher says I won’t allow anything to happen to your sight. You will be fine. Seher says kindly call he specialist.

Param returns home. Harleen says we should have food. How was everything? Param says nobody cares regarding me. They think I am egotistical. Harleen says I told you. Just I care about you. Indeed, even Seher loves Karan. she can’t see past him. I know what’s great for yourself as well as what’s terrible. Seher will see as well. Rest of them aren’t yours. For what reason do you give it a second thought? Param says I truly focused on them. HArleen says yet presently you can see right?

Seher says Rajveer kindly quiet down. Allow him to really take a look at you. He can’t see light specialist is checking him with Rajveer says kindly let me see God. Seher can’t have the foggiest idea about this reality. Rajveer gets up and says I am totally fine. I can see. You’re here. Specialist is here. Seher says would you say you are certain? He says OK. Specialist says it occurs consequential convulsion. In any case, we ought to do a few tests. Rajveer says I am fine. I needn’t bother with any tests. They leave.

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Rajvee says to Seher you ought to go. Seher says I am not going anyplace. Seher embraces Rajveer. She says say thanks to God you’re fine. I kicked the bucket each second when your life was at serious risk. Seher cries. Seher says for what reason would you say you were doing this? Rajveer says all is great at this point. Seher says for what reason did you drive so quick? I attempted to stop you however you didn’t tune in? Consider the possibility that it quit fooling around. I would have kicked the bucket assuming something happened to you.

Seher says seeing your own demise is extremely challenging. I saw my demise when I saw your mishap. I felt like I met the mishap. I understood how significant our adoration is. Did you presently ponder me once at that time? What was to you? Rajveer reviews he said I love you Seher. Seher says you will not go anyplace. It doesn’t matter to me what anybody thinks. I just consideration about you and your adoration. What’s the matter that you can’t tell me? If it’s not too much trouble, explain to me why you want to disappear from me? Rajveer says in heart how would I tell her I will lose my vision and my life would be haziness. Seher says would someone say someone is compressing you? Is there any other person in your life? Rajveer says not in the slightest degree.

Seher says would you be able to live without you? He says OK. Seher says you would miss me? He says no. Seher says do you adore me? He says OK. Seher embraces him and cries. Rajveer cries as well. Seher says I realize you love me a great deal. I know it well overall. Rajveer says OK I love you a ton. My spirit, breaths, everything is you. He kisses her head. The melody tu ne jo naa kahan plays.

Seher makes Rajveer eat. She gives him medication. Rajveer pulls and embraces her. Seher nods off. Rajveer reviews how she attempts to haul him out of the crashed vehicle. Her hands are wounded. Rajveer kisses her hands. He embraces Seher. Rajveer says you can’t release me away from you regardless of whether I made an honest effort.

Ginnin brings Karan back hime. Param sees him. Harleen stops him. Karan says is Param home? She says OK should be occupied allowed me to tell him. Karan says no it’s alright. Harleen says to Param don’t get enthusiastic. Param says yet Karan.. Harleen says your feelings would destroy everything. So much occurred, you don’t need to do anything. You saw their twofold faces. You’ve to bring your time. Seher is my life like you. I will cause her to see as well.

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