Choti Sardarni 23rd December 2021 Written Update:

Bitu says show her out of this house. Kulwant says I never realized you would stoop so low. You’re a snake like your sister. What’s more snakes should be killed. Seher says you need me to rebuff you right? You will not go anyplace. You will remain in this house and apologize. Kulwant expresses what are you saying?

Seher says he won’t ever be free. I can free my sibling myself. Kulwant says show him out. Seher says nani what has he done? Kulwant says he.. Seher says he called Harleen and attempted to break my family? that break was dependably there. He just uncovered it. What Harleen did was her shortcoming not Raj’s. My sibling’s bond was feeble as of now.

Scene 2
Harleen says to Param see what Seher did. She didn’t in any event, attempting to get you out. She was additionally behaving like Karan. Assuming she cherished you she were here. Where could your nani and everybody be? Nobody came here. You have nobody yet yout bua. I will get you out. I will make you like my sibling.

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Scene 3
Seher says Rajveer needed to give my property to me back, he even named his property to me. He has confirmation of Param’s blameless. Seher expresses what are you stowing away from me? At the point when you love somebody you don’t make them cry. I know there’s an explanation for it. Rajveer applauds. He says wow what a discourse. You are the best entertainer of all time. You have no disgrace right? I’m requesting that you let me leave, your family needs me to go.

Seher says I need to realize what are you stowing away from me. Seher says he was unable to try and conceal his existence. You love him. You can’t see his reality. Try not to be head over heels. Kulwant says leave. Rajveer says she isn’t releasing me. Polie will capture me assuming I go. Kulwant says nobody will capture you. Take off from this house and give me verification of Param’s guiltless. Seher expresses what are you doing nani? Kulwant says he needs to go. Seher cries. Rajveer picks his pack. Seher cries. The tune channa mereya plays.

Seher cries. She holds Raj’s hand. He forgets about her hand and strolls. Everybody stops Rajveer. Rajveer goes out. Seher cries. Kulwant holds Seher. Kulwant says let him go. He has broken your siblings you actually care about him? Not your siblings? Seher says I do. However, I am his better half as well. I need my whole family with me. I can’t survive without me. Rajveer begins his vehicle. He says I can’t see you like this.

Seher says kindly let me go. Seher cries. She says kindly let me go. Assuming that mom daddy were here they would stop Raj not me. Kindly don’t take my affection from me. Kulawnt reviews when she killed Manav and Meher cried. Kulwant leaves her hand. Kulwant says proceed to stop your Raj. Seher runs out. Kulwant says I will likewise go with her. Rana says no let her go. Bitu says we saw Meher in her. Release her. Kulawnt says I need her cheerful. Jeeto says Seher will be fine.

Scene 4
Seher comes out and says Raj stop. He says no. Release me. He drives. Seher follows him. Harleen calls Robbie and says my arrangement is turned out great. I will finish everything. She calls Khushi and says once I settle here I will call you here as well. Harleen says in heart this is all mine.

Seher pursues Rajveer. He drives quick yet can’t see. Bitu says I trust Seher is protected. Kulwant is concerned for her. Seher says kindly stop Raj. Rajveer drives wildly.

Precap :Rajveer calls Seher and say don’t follow me or.. He says or I will take my vehicle towards the bluff. Seher says you will not do that. He moves his vehicle to the precipice and tumbles down. Seher shouts.

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