Udariyaan 23rd December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jasmin calling Sweety. She says I need to observe Fateh, get Candy, he would know, you can make him concede. She figures I can lose Tejo in light of Fateh. She goes. Its morning, Angad says you won’t venture down the bed. Tejo says no need, I was fine in latrine.

He says its my obligation to deal with you. He jokes. He says I will make the kada. She says no, I don’t need that, I would have rather not turned into a weight on you. He says soul gets harmony to lift a few weights, you are feather light, I have no issue, be careful, I will go. He requests that Babli call him assuming Tejo inconveniences her. Tejo grins. Angad says sorry Tejo ji, I m not going to office, I m going for more demon work of yours.

Riya’s Nani sees him leaving in the vehicle. She reviews Jasmin’s words. She returns home and meets Tejo. Babli stops her. Nani asks who are you, will be you here to help Angad, he won’t ever succeed. Tejo asks who are you to say this. Nani says I heard right with regards to you, so you caught a rich man and remaining in his home, Angad is a killer,

I have a right on Riya, I m not the only one in this battle, I will demolish your fantasy to grab Riya. She leaves. Babli says I will call Angad. Tejo says no, I will tell Angad myself. She says so this was Riya’s Nani, who is with her in this battle. Nani proceeds to warmly greet Jasmin. Jasmin says so we are together, correct. Nani says I need Riya. Jasmin says I need to eliminate Tejo from Angad’s life.

Fateh does the guide to his injury. Watch says somebody came to meet you. Fateh thinks Buzo has come. He goes to see. He asks why are you here Buzo, is everybody fine at home. Angad comes ahead. Fateh gets stunned seeing him. Angad asks how are you, Fateh. He embraces Fateh and says great to see you. Fateh asks how could you know I m here. Angad says I figured this by your embrace, things don’t conceal when hearts are associated, you were unable to remain away and reached to save Tejo,

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you attempted to stow away from me, yet you did one misstep, Fateh Singh Virk. Fateh marked the emergency clinic structure. Angad actually look at his sign on the structure. Jasmin says aunt, I generally say right, individuals misconstrue, I can express what will occur straightaway. Angad says Jaideep, what’s this, driver’s work, you attempted to avoid Tejo, did you go to Canada or not, where is Jasmin, does family realize you are here, let me know something. Fateh says how might I say, its a boring tale. Angad says I have a lot of time, today, come sit. Fateh sits. He says I didn’t wed Jasmin, I didn’t go to Canada.

Angad asks what was this. Fateh says pandit was phony, everything was phony. Angad asks where is Jasmin, you consumed her visa, you broke her Canada dreams, for what reason didn’t you tell the family, are you following Tejo and me. Fateh says no, I didn’t wish to tell Tejo or show her my face, I didn’t tell anybody. Angad inquires as to why. Fateh says this is my repentence of sins, assuming I return home, then, at that point, family will attempt to join me and Tejo, I have seen Tejo content with you, you both stay glad.

Jasmin says Tejo will wed Angad, Riya will be with them. Nani says she didn’t get hitched and remaining with Angad, how might she be so imprudent. Jasmin says its Kalyug, she grabbed her sister’s better half, she can do anything, choose it now. Nani says I need my Riya. Jasmin says relax, Riya will be with you, do as I say. Nani asks what. Fateh says Jasmin won’t tell anybody that we didn’t go to Canada. Angad says your family cherishes you a great deal, for what reason are you harming them.

Khushbeer calls Tejo. She replies. Khushbeer and Gurpreet ask don’t you miss us. Tejo says I can’t fail to remember you. He says I would rather not say anything negative, how are you. Tejo says I m alright. He says Fateh left and afterward you likewise left. Fateh says I didn’t come later you, Angad, my destiny got me here, I need to apologize, I was fleeing from everybody and came here, I saw Tejo before me, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do, I needed to disappear, Sharma halted me and made me guarantee, his state was awful, I was unable to decline, trust me, when I saw her injured, I was unable to stop myself.

Khushbeer says Rupy said you need some an ideal opportunity for myself. Tejo says I likewise miss you a ton. He asks her not to cry, and get satisfaction throughout everyday life, she ought to get hitched to Angad soon. He says I will do your bidaai joyfully, everybody will be glad. She cries. Angad asks do you actually adore Tejo, is she still in your heart. Fateh reviews Tejo. Fateh says she is in my supplications, she is my love, yet you both are in one another’s heart. Angad reviews Tejo’s words.

Khushbeer asks what date do you need. Tejo says Angad and I began new work, I need some time. Khushbeer says Gurpreet has kept mannat for you. Gurpreet detaches the call. Tejo says she kept a mannat, for what reason did she detach. Fateh says Angad, I m glad for Tejo, I m hanging tight for your marriage.

Angad asks sure, do you truly need this. Gurpreet says don’t tell her, she was unable to fail to remember Fateh, don’t constrain her. Khushbeer says fine. Tejo says how might I explain to you why I would rather not wed, marriage makes no difference without adoration, love happens only a single time, I cherished Fateh, however perhaps destiny didn’t compose his name on my hands. Fateh says obviously, you both stay content. Angad says figure, I will truly wed her, will you lament later. Fateh inquires as to for what reason are you asking like this. Angad says you can change later, I speak candidly, do you need Tejo, let me know at this moment.

Precap :Angad says Fateh saved you on the lookout, I just met him at Sharma’s home. Tejo cries and says Fateh. She leaves in the vehicle. Angad looks on.

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