Udariyaan 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tejo got between the tumult. Jasmin peers down the window. Individuals consume the slows down. Police comes there. Tejo runs. Jasmin says Riya’s Nani didn’t call till now, I can’t go out. The slows down tumble down. Tejo hurries to save herself. She gets injured by a stone. She tumbles down. Tejo comes there. She glances around. She sees a kid and goes to him. She requests that individuals stop it.

The woman takes her child with her. Fateh searches for Tejo. Jasmin gets the attorney’s call. She says relax, I will meet Varun tomorrow, you will get the pics, much appreciated, bye. She says I need to accomplish this work to bring in cash. A man hits on Tejo’s head. Fateh sees her and stops. He gets stunned. The man hits her head indeed. Fateh sees her tumbling down. He yells Tejo and rushes to her. He holds her and says Tejo. Tejo sees Fateh… .

Fateh says Tejo… . A man assaults them. Fateh holds the bar. He puts Tejo down. He battles the man. He lifts Tejo and runs. Rescue vehicle comes there. Fateh says her state is awful, if it’s not too much trouble, move. Individuals race to the rescue vehicle. Fateh sees a toy slow down. He tosses the inflatables and puts Tejo on the moving slow down.

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He pushes the slow down and takes her. Ek mera yara… .plays… He reviews Tejo’s words. They arrive at the medical clinic. He puts her on cot and takes her. He requests that specialist kindly see Tejo. Specialist says she has a lot of blood misfortune. She requests that ward kid shift Tejo to crisis. Fateh says Tejo, you will get fine. Specialist requests that he stay there. He leaves Tejo’s hand. Tejo gets treated in the OT. Fateh says deal with her, Baba ji, she has not fouled up with anybody. He reviews her and cries.

The attendant asks him did he accompany Tejo. She requests that he sign. He signs. She requests that he proceed to get the dressing for his injuries. He stays there. Specialist comes. He asks how is Tejo. She says you petitioned God for her, she is fine. Angad comes and requests Tejo Sandhu. Specialist sees him. He gets some information about Tejo. He says unwind, I treated her, she is fine at this point. He asks would i be able to meet her once. Tejo is welcomed on the wheelchair. Angad and Fateh see her. Specialist says she will be cognizant soon. Angad takes Tejo.

Specialist says a decent man had got her here. Angad says I need to meet him and thank. He goes out. Fateh leaves. Angad asks with whom did Tejo come. Nurture shows Fateh. Angad stops Fateh. Fateh folds the suppressor over his face. Angad holds him and says thank you for saving Tejo’s life. He embraces Fateh. He says you have saved my life, she is my life. Fateh thinks she is my life as well. Angad says I m inclination like I know you. Fateh goes to get water. Angad says I feel like we met previously, its fine, I m Angad Maan, thank you once more, assuming you want anything, you can ask me, what’s your name. Tejo gets cognizant and says Fateh… . Nurture goes out.

Nurture says Tejo got cognizant. Angad races to see. Tejo reviews Fateh. Angad asks how are you feeling presently, better? She gestures. He says I was so stressed. She asks how could I come here. He says a decent individual has got you here on schedule.

She says Fateh… . Fateh looks on. She asks was he Fateh. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea, I likewise felt I know him, he didn’t tell his name, yet Fateh and Jasmin would appreciate in Canada, did you lose your memory, who am I, where am I. He jokes. She says I m Tejo. He says memory is flawless, I figured you will lose your memory. He jokes. She grins. He shows the wedding band and says I won’t allow you to fail to remember this. Fateh looks on. Yeh dooriyaan… .plays… . Fateh grins seeing her giggle and goes.

Fateh thinks why are distresses there in Tejo’s life. Jasmin is likewise coming. She says Riya’s Nani isn’t noting my call, she can illuminate Angad, my arrangement will flounder, I will demolish Tejo and Fateh. Fateh sits close to the huge fire for certain men. Jasmin leaves. He turns.

Precap :Guard says somebody came to meet you. Angad sees Fateh and asks how are you, Fateh.

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