Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kajol pondering Anurag and grinning. Anurag is likewise glad and moves in his room contemplating Kajol. Kajol is cheerful and moves in her room. He moves seeing her photograph and falls on the bed. Kajol hits the dance floor with Chandana, while Anurag hits the dance floor with Sharmila. Naina calls Chandana and requests that she bring pink box when she comes for gathering. Chandana says we are not coming there.

Naina inquires as to whether Kajol prompted you all against me, similarly as I left from that point. She expresses what will be my regard, assuming you don’t come to my sasural. Chandana reproves her and asks her not to impel her against Kajol once more. She says my eyes are opened at this point. Naina says assuming that you have chosen to leave me, then, at that point, its alright, baba is as of now not there. Kajol comes there. Chandana says it is finished with your demonstration.

Naina says you are isolating me from you because of Kajol. Chandana says I will ask Kajol, in the event that she will come then just we will come. Naina closes the call. Arjun asks Naina not to rehash the dramatization, what she did on their marriage day. She inquires as to whether I rehash dramatization and once more, and inquires as to why he was sweet before marriage. Shreya comes there and tells that Arjun didn’t realize that would be spouse leisure activity is taking as well.

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Naina requests that she shut up. Shreya says you are here, on your sister’s solicitation and says assuming that you make your voice stronger then I will show you the leave entryway. She requests that she wear the saree and come for the gathering. Naina inquires as to whether I will wear such a light dress. Shreya requests that she choose and requests that she return the adornments in the wake of wearing and says we have changed our storage’s passwords, and requests that she wear it. Naina thinks assuming that Kajol had not called the Police, then, at that point, she would have shown the worth to Shreya.

Kajol is ready to come in case of an emergency with Anurag and requests that he accomplish the work. Anurag inquires as to whether they can meet. She says she is going to Naina’s gathering and tells about her baba’s words. Anurag says I need to come there to meet you. Kajol asks him not to come assuming he don’t need. He says he will come. Kajol says it appears you don’t have any work, you are not working and not allowing me to take care of business. He says I will be glad to take you from your home, moving in my baraat. She says I need to see you moving in the baraat.

He says I need to see my lady of the hour and says I love you Kajol. Kajol says I love you Anurag. Priyanka says I love you Anurag and asks what do you imagine that I will ease off and will see your adoration blooming. She says you didn’t distinguish Priyanka, game has quite recently started, presently see how I will manage both of you.

Kajol envisions Anurag. Anurag likewise envisions Kajol and is cheerful in the medical clinic. Kajol hits the dance floor with the woman out and about and plays with the children. Anurag is likewise cheerful. Sharmila asks Anurag for what valid reason would he say he is cheerful? He says I need to go to gathering, as Kajol is coming there. Kajol gives garments a shot herself. She envisions picking the garments for herself and grins. She again envisions him and hits the dance floor with him in the creative mind.

Mahi re plays… ..She prepares and comes wearing pink saree. Chandana says don’t have the foggiest idea, how to confront Naina’s inlaws later whatever she has done. Kajol says we will neglect and continue on. Chandana says it is your significance that you are coming today. They all leave for the gathering.

Shreya is with the visitors in the gatherings. The visitors acclaim Shreya’s garments and adornments. Naina asks Arjun for what reason did Arundita send modest garments for her. Arjun requests that she be grateful as their partnership occurred later whatever she did. Shreya hears them and thinks it is great that they battle.

Naina says you have upheld me when I offended Kajol in the pandal. Kajol comes there and asks Arjun and Naina not to battle. Naina says we can deal with our connection and needn’t bother with your impedance. Kajol says on the off chance that you could deal with then you wouldn’t beg Maa to come to your gathering. She descends the stage and takes a gander at Anurag. All of a sudden Anurag comes there.

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