Udaariyaan Written Update 21st October 2022:

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Episode begins with Nehmat arriving at home crying. She falls on her bed and cries, reviewing Ekam’s words. Naaz cheers seeing this. Nehmat asks boisterously for what reason Ekam has become resolved. She is sure that his outrage will be chilled off soon. She goes to the washroom.

Then again, Ekam accepts his higher official’s call. The official says that Ekam got his presenting in Rajpura due on some crisis and requests that he move there around evening time. Ekam calls Nehmat to tell her the equivalent. Naaz sees Ekam calling. As Nehmat doesn’t answer the call. Ekam messages Nehmat.

He enlightens her concerning his new posting in Rajpura and requests that Nehmat meet him at 5pm. He needs to meet Nehmat prior to beginning his most memorable posting as she’s fortunate for him. Naaz peruses the message and erases it. She places Nehmat’s telephone in flight mode so that no message is sent or gotten.

Still up in the air to isolate them. Nehmat emerges from the washroom. She checks assuming that Ekam has sent any messages. She is frustrated that he sent no messages. She sends him a message requesting that he end their battle. However, the message doesn’t get sent and Nehmat doesn’t see that.

Nehmat gets a mail from Top Point Media that she found a new line of work there. Nehmat becomes thrilled. She runs ground floor and tells the uplifting news to her loved ones. They all praise her. Naaz watches this consuming in envy. In the interim, Ekam is sitting tight for Nehmat. He attempts to call her and finds her telephone turned off. So he telephones Naaz. The last option goes aside and gets the call.

Naaz tells Ekam that he is hit her notwithstanding his separation with Nehmat. Ekam doesn’t say that he called for Nehmat. He inquires as to whether Mallika is with Nehmat. Naaz lies that Nehmat isn’t at home and her telephone is turned off as perhaps her battery is depleted. Ekam tells about his posting in Rajpura and requests that Naaz illuminate Nehmat. Naaz concurs. Ekam reviews his minutes with Nehmat and drives off. He continues checking his telephone hanging tight for any message from Nehmat.

Nehmat joins her work and is astounded to realize that Advait is the superstar who will give the question and answer session. Nehmat misses Ekam and feels awful that she couldn’t actually illuminate him about her new position. In the mean time, Ekam participates in his posting. He additionally misses Nehmat and feels terrible that Nehmat didn’t wish him karma on his new posting. Here Naaz carries Nehmat’s PC to her.

She sees the banner and discovers that Advait is likewise there. She recollects her test to Nehmat and Mallika. She believes that karma is in support of herself. The public interview starts. Nehmat asks Advait inquiries connected with ladies’ wellbeing and cleanliness. Advait addresses her inquiries. Naaz watches Advait. She is intrigued with his influence and riches. Naaz look about Advait on the web and discovers that he has a sibling called Nikhil who concentrated on in London.

Ekam is on his most memorable mission with his group. They encompass a house to get the thugs. The hooligans shoot towards the police and departure. Here, Advait goes to converse with Nehmat. He discovers that she’s recently joined as a columnist and it’s her most memorable task. He lauds Nehmat’s certainty. A person somewhat pushes Nehmat coincidentally. Nehmat lands in Ekam’s arms. Naaz clicks their photograph and sneers. Advait makes Nehmat stand. He inquires as to whether she’s fine. She says fine and leaves. Naaz feels that she will break Nehmat and Mallika’s pride by showing their beaus’ world. There, Ekam and his group are pursuing the hooligans. Ekam has chance in his arm.

Precap: Naaz sees Advait giving a hooligan cash to hurt Ekam. Naaz records a video of Nehmat and Advait moving. Naaz says that now is the right time to test Nehmat and Mallika’s companionship.

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