Udaariyaan Written Update 20th October 2022:

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Episode begins with Nehmat and Mallika attempting to purchase similar model of gold studs at a gem retailer by selling Tejo’s hoops. The proprietor requests that Nehmat take the studs and pay the cash when she can subsequent to discovering that she’s Tejo’s little girl, since Tejo helped him a ton previously. Nehmat and Mallika say thanks to him and leave. Nehmat says that her folks actually help her in a manner regardless of not being alive. She asks Mallika not to let Ekam know this.

Later in the evening, Ekam telephones Nehmat and apologizes for going overboard. Nehmat says that they ought to meet the following day in their typical gathering place so she can return his hoops and they can talk. Nehmat reviews Naaz’s words. She says that she can hardly imagine how Naaz can do this. She goes to converse with Naaz.

Nehmat stops at the doorstep, hearing Naaz declining to have the food Shelly brought for her. She asks Shelly not to enlighten Rupy and Satti regarding her being miserable, as they’re now stressed over Nehmat’s and she would rather not increment their concern.

After Shelly leaves, Naaz chats with Jasmine’s photograph and laments taking the hoops. She says that she is embarrassed to confront Nehmat after her activity. She chose to take her life. Nehmat is stunned to hear this. Naaz sends a voice note to Nehmat and prepares to take off from the house.

Nehmat stops Naaz and says that she heard everything. Naaz laments her way of behaving. Nehmat conciliates her and requests that she vow not to go with any off-base choices and meet Varun once more. Naaz guarantees something similar. She embraces Nehmat. Naaz sneers and heard Nehmat conversing with Ekam and faking it to persuade Nehmat.

Naaz considers tracking down one more person to demonstrate to Nehmat that she can likewise pick the right person. In the mean time, Advait accepts his sibling at the air terminal. The siblings meet and have a discussion. Here, Nehmat encourages Naaz to find a person who regards her. She says that Ekam was harmed due to her demonstration, however she’s sure that he will excuse her.

Naaz controls Nehmat not to let Ekam know that she took the hoops. Nehmat vows not to tell Ekam. Naaz embraces Nehmat and sneers. She feels that she needs to win Nehmat’s trust to win in her test to demonstrate that Ekam is somewhat flawed.

Nehmat and Ekam meet. Ekam gives Nehmat a sorry card and blossoms. He is sorry to Nehmat for his way of behaving. Nehmat apologizes to Ekam for concealing reality from him.

Nehmat returns the hoops to Ekam till they get hitched. In any case, Ekam makes Nehmat wear those studs and appreciates her. He asks Nehmat how she tracked down the hoops. Nehmat says to relinquish this matter. In the interim, Mallika peruses the horoscope of the day for Nehmat. It’s composed that there will be pressure in Nehmat’s affection life.

Mallika contemplates whether this is the justification behind the issue among Ekam and Nehmat. She goes to God that they don’t demolish their relationship in light of their outrage. Here, Ekam desires Nehmat to come clean with him. Nehmat feels that she can’t come clean and makes her sister fall according to Ekam. She declines. Ekam ends up being irate with Nehmat and drives off in spite of Nehmat attempting to stop him.

Precap: Ekam gets his most memorable mission, which is a risky one. Advait gets Nehmat from falling when a person pushes her inadvertently. Naaz clicks Advait and Nehmat’s photograph. Ekam has chance during the mission.

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