Parineetii Written Update 20th October 2022:

Parineetii Written Update 20th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Rajeev pondering what Neeti will think about him. She attempted to be heartfelt with him however he overlooked her for Parineet. Doesn’t she take off from the house, cutting every one of her binds with him? Why is he pondering her? He imagines that he could contemplate Neeti.

Tai ji sees him remaining solitary. She salutes him for sending Parineet out of the house. He will get a decent rest now. She requests that he quit behaving that way. Rajeev tells her that he wasn’t acting. He is truly stressed over her.

Where will she go around evening time? She asks him for what good reason he is worrying about outsiders? He tells her that she is his better half. Tai ji lets him know that Neeti is his significant other. He sent her out for her. She believed that little consideration was left inside him, however she was off-base. He picked Neeti over her.

Presently claiming to really focus on her. She forfeited her satisfaction and life for her companion. Yet, he will before long understand the contrast among Parineet and Neeti. Tai ji leaves from that point. Neeti heard it and left there. Rajeev follows her behind.

In the mean time, Parineet gets a call from Gurpreet. She gets some information about her most memorable Karvachauth? Isn’t Rajeev content with her most memorable Karvachauth quick? Parineet tells her that she is improving. Gurpreet tells her that she is noting something different for her inquiries.

For what reason would she say she is talking like that? Doesn’t she get a spouse like Rajeev in her life? Parineet tells her that everything is finished. He destroyed everything. Gurpreet requests that she uncover what’s irritating her? She tells her that mother used to say that Rajeev was a preferred individual over her father or sibling. Be that as it may, he merits nothing. He had another person in his life.

In the mean time, Rajeev attempts to reassure Neeti. She is blowing up at him. She requests him to express out loud whatever’s happening here? He chose to admit all reality to Neeti. He can’t see Neeti leaving him.

Neeti asks him for what reason Parminder could do without her? What did she foul up to her? For what reason would she say she is detesting her this much? She was contrasting her and Parineet. She knows that she can’t turn into a sweet and kind individual like Parineet. Rajeev believes that she hears nothing. He comforts her that all that will be okay as quickly as possible.

Gurpreet asks her what she is talking about? Rajeev isn’t an individual to deceive her. Parineet tells her that everything is finished. Gurpreet tells her that she will take Harman there. Parineet tells her that she will arrive at Barnala. She asks her how is it that she could travel solo? Gurpreet shares with her that she will make him comprehend.

Parineet shares with her that everything left their hand. Gurpreet requests that she stand by at home. She will take Harman with her to bring her back home. Parineet uncovers to her that she has previously gone out. Gurpreet was stunned to hear that.

Parineet adds that she has no relationship with them. Then, at that point, what is the need to remain there? She asks Parineet how her parents in law could permit her to go out on that evening. Parineet consoles her and guarantees her that she will arrive at home as quickly as possible. Parineet asks her not to consult with Rajeev’s relatives about it.

Gurpreet cries contemplating Parineet’s life. Harman asks her what was the deal? She uncovers to him such Parineet’s reality is destroyed. Rajeev has an unsanctioned romance with another person. In the mean time, Parineet arrives at the transport stand. She takes a pass to Barnala. He requests that she give change to him.

Parineet requesting that a woman give change to her. The taxi driver saw Parineet in the transport stand. He was feeling glad to see her alone. Parineet believed that she was glad to arrive at Chandigarh to meet her parents in law. She imagined a ton about her future with Rajeev.

She has got great relatives. In any case, presently everything is finished. In the mean time, Parineet meets Shalu there. She asks Parineet what’s annoying her? Is it true that she is looking dull? Shalu takes Parineet from that point. The driver saw Parineet and kept a nearby watch on her.

Shalu requests that Parineet share what’s irritating her? She objections that Parineet doesn’t think about her as her companion. Will she get some information about it? Parineet tells her that Neeti is pregnant.

Afterward, Rajeev tosses blossom petals at Neeti to awaken her. She asks him what he is doing? He requests that she appreciate it. She grumbled to him that he was attempting to be heartfelt with her now. In any case, he was an exhausting spouse a couple of moments previously.

Rajeev tells her that he wasn’t feeling great. Neeti lets him know that she is pregnant however he is getting emotional episodes. Neeti requests that he quit being heartfelt with her. Let her rest.

Parineet imparts to Shalu that they are not reaching her after marriage. She inquires as to whether she contended with her significant other? Parineet tells her that she is returning to her home, abandoning everything. Parineet uncovers to her that Rajeev is hitched to another person.

Precap: Parineet will uncover to Shalu that Rajeev wedded Neeti under the name Sanju. Rajeev will give an unexpected gift to Neeti. Afterward, Parineet will get a shock to end up inside the taxi. The driver will illuminate her that she can’t escape from him. Parineet will leap out of the vehicle and meet with a mishap.

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