Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 21st October 2022:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 21st October 2022 on

Episode begins with the custom of the marriage. Aditi offers her thanks to Simar. Reema likewise portrays the illustration she got from Simar. She turns into the senior of Reema.

Simar thanks the Matarani for every one of these. Unexpectedly underhanded get the specific area of the suctioned memento. The memento is kept in the a bowl which is offered to matarani. Sandhya, Giriraj abuts how thankful they are to Simar.

Badima compliments them and wishes them together. The cleric expresses them to pick up the pace as time is running.Evils additionally ventures forward to take the memento. Here the ceremonial begins.

Mayakshi gazes at the memento which is sparkling. Mayakshi is asked by Kamakshi and Rudra to get it from the bowl. Mayakshi knees down and takes it in her grasp. However, she intends to snatch it for herself. Here the cleric asks the couples to

Mayakshi gets the memento for herself. She would rather not get back to Rudra. Mayakshi says she needs to win Aarav with this memento. Kamakshi and Rudra gets over the top for her way of behaving. However, Mayakshi doesn’t comply with the expressions of Rudra and Kamakshi.

Kamakshi questions how might she charm Aarav before this gigantic social occasion. Be that as it may, Mayakshi changes herself in a lovely lady of the hour with the force of the memento. She says that she will get Aarav by snare and convict. Rudra is backed down to think his silliness.

Badima reports the significance of the day and worth of their propitious event on this second. Kavya says it’s her most memorable marriage. Badima earnestly favors her. Reema surpasses that she needs to begin this existence with another energy.

Gagan and Aditi, Chitra and Giriraj, Gajendra and Sandhya, Kavya and Reyansh each couple admit their affection and responsibility for one another. Reyansh grasps his treachery towards Kavya. The two of them look happy with one another.

Panditji requests that Badima help him in gath bandhan. Simar saws Mayakshi and Rudra standing together and gets inquisitive. Mayakshi shows up in wedding dress and anounces that she will wed Aarav. Reema begins shouting out of dread.

Yet, Mayakshi says that today she is hanging around for Aarav not Reema and comes before Aarav and Simar. Simar and Aarav attempts to stop Mayakshi however Mayakshi vanishes all individuals present in the marriage aside from Oswals. Mayakshi says the Aarav is just made for her however both Simar and Aarav contradicts her.

Simar attempts to oppose Mayakshi yet utilizing her recently acquired power Mayakshi through her into the ground. Simar becomes silly. As Aarav attempts to save her, Mayakshi makes a straightforward wall among Simar and Aarav, so Aarav can’t help her. Simar continues to lie on the ground illogically.

Everybody attempts to help Simar and stops Mayakshi. Rudra gets anxious and as he attempts to stop Mayakshi, Kamakshi cautions him. She says that Mayakshi have gone off the deep end in adoration , it wouldn’t be astute choice to attempt to hinder her.

Aarav differs to wed Mayakshi. So she visually connects with Aarav and spread some wizardry towards him and Aarav consents to wed her like a manikin in Mayakshi’s grasp. Mayakshi and Aarav begin taking pheras around the sacred fire of marriage.

As Everybody attempts to cross to straightforward wall around Mayakshi and Aarav the mystical force of the wall throughs them against the floor. As the entire circumstance watches wild, Badima begins crying and imploring before Matarani to prevent Mayakshi from wedding Aarav.

Then unexpectedly a water filled pitcher on Matarani’s feet tumble down and water inside it depleted toward Simar and the water assists Simar with getting back her sense. Simar wakes up and calls out to Aarav first. She stands up and reach towards Mayakshi and Aarav with her mangalsutra(marriage chain) in her grasp.

Simar, expressing Mayakshi about the force of mangalsutra and unadulterated love. As both Mayakshi and Simar pull up their hands holding their own powerfull chains towards one another, Mayakshi falls onto the ground.

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