Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Aman blaming Simran for attacking him. He says that Simran even attempted to harm him, she has been attempting to kill him from long time. Tejo shares with the assessor that Aman is lying and he ought to capture Aman for irritating Simran. She says that they have even documented a FIR on his name. The examiner says that Aman likewise documented a FIR against them and not long before their FIR. Aman tells that Simran’s dressed finger and says that she got injured on her finger while beating him.

Tejo denies it and says that she cut her fingers while cutting vegetables. The monitor requests to tell anything they desire in the police headquarters. He requests that the constable capture Simran. Candy comes running there. He is in tears ans requests to take his mother. Aman sasses Simran for utilizing kid to save herself which incites Fateh’s outrage.

The last option attempts to hit him. Tejo stops Fateh. The assessor cautions to capture Fateh as well. Tejo tells again to the investigator that Aman is lying. Yet, Police won’t pay attention to her and captures Simran. Candy pursues Simran crying in spite of Tejo attempting to stop him. He requests to not remove his mother. Simran guarantees Candy that she will return before dinnertime. Police drives off taking Simran. Virks look on feeling vulnerable.

Aman shares with Tejo that he can deal with Candy in the event that she can’t do. Dadaji chastens Aman. The last option says to Candy that his mother is malevolent, so police removed her, she won’t return. He promises to take his child with him. Tejo says that he can never take Candy from here. However, Aman is certainty of getting fruitful in his arrangement. Tejo requests that Aman avoid Candy as he is frightened of him. Aman says that he is frightened of his injuries. He says that they’re phony and eliminates them. Tejo requests that he get out. Aman says that he will return to take Candy. He chuckles evilly and leaves.

Specialist shares with Jasmine to be cautious as she just experienced an unnatural birth cycle. She gets some information about her better half. Jasmine responds irately and says that he didn’t come. Here Tejo is supporting Candy. Gurpreet is in call with Kushbeer and requests to rescue Simran at any rate. He says that he is making an honest effort. Candy requests that Tejo guarantee that she will bring Simran back. Simran guarantees him the equivalent. In the police headquarters Fateh guarantees Simran to rescue her soon.

Jasmine reviews Gurpreet and Tejo’s words and cries hard as her all her arrangement got demolished. Dimple comes to Jasmine and attempts appease her. Jasmine says that she lost her last opportunity to enter Fateh’s life. Dimple attempts to comfort her. Jasmine requests that she shut her mouth. Dimple says that Jasmine can close her month, however she needs to educate her family concerning unnatural birth cycle. All at once Tejo telephones Jasmine.

That’s what her companion says on the off chance that Jasmine doesn’t answer the call, Tejo will begin searching for herself and can enquire in her home. She says that her mother is familiar with the party. Jasmine goes to the call says that she’s still in her companion’s home. Tejo requests that Jasmine get back home soon. She says that Simran got captured. Jasmine gets stunned hearing this.

Virks and Rupy examine about how to rescue Simran before the day end as the following two days are end of the week and court won’t work. Rupy converses with the sibling’s appointed authority. Tejo, Fateh and family go to meet him. Somewhere else Aman is celebrate the outcome of his arrangement with his companions.

Precap: Jasmine chooses to go to Amritsar as she would rather not get offended or get captured. Tejo and Fateh dance in the downpour. Aman incites Fateh to hit him. Tejo reprimands Aman.

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