Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Jasmine setting up a demonstration before Gurpreet to hit up her companion’s party. Jasmine misleads Gurpreet that her companion, Nikki’s just sibling passed on in a fender bender and she’s nobody now. Gurpreet identifies with her companion and consents to allow Jasmine to go to her companion. She needs to go with her. Yet, Jasmine declines saying that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how long she will remain there. Gurpreet requests that Jasmine deal with herself and the child.

In the kitchen Tejo is massaging batter. Fateh comes to her and offers to help her. Tejo says that Fateh even figured out how to cook over the most recent nine months. Fateh cuts the capsicums. Tejo and Fateh come close. Fateh feels that he is diverting Tejo as opposed to aiding her in this way, needs to leave, however Tejo requests that he stay. Fateh requests whom she’s making vegetables. Tejo says that it’s for Tejo. Fateh looks on. Other hand Jasmine picks a dress to wear for the party. She places the dress in a cover and tosses it through of the window. She gets eager to show up for the party deceiving Fateh and Tejo.

Jasmine arrive at the party setting and meets her companion. Jasmine gets excited to see every one of her companions. At the Virks in the supper table, Tejo advises that Gurpreet isn’t having food. Fateh persuades Gurpreet to have food. He says that he likewise made food to divert them. Mahi asks where Jasmine is. Tejo says that she will bring her. Gurpreet says that Jasmine went to meet her companion. Tejo asks which companion. Gurpreet says that she failed to remember the name. Fateh feels that Jasmine has part of guise to go out. At the party Jasmine eats zesty food things. Her companion encourages her to not eat such food on pregnancy, but rather Jasmine will not pay attention to her. She likewise drinks liquor overlooking her companions cautioning to not drink it during pregnancy. Her another companion calls Jasmine. She again disregard her companion’s admonition to not move in pregnancy. She goes to the dance floor and dance.

Tejo gets stressed when Jasmine doesn’t answer her calls. She educates Fateh concerning something very similar. He consoles Tejo and imagines that Tejo is concerned and ponders where Jasmine would accompany her companions. At the party Jasmine battles with a young lady and furiously goes ground floor. She staggers and tumbles down the steps. She yells in torment holding her stomach. Her companion comes to help Jasmine. She needs to call Fateh, yet Jasmine stops her. Her companion takes Jasmine to the medical clinic.

In the medical clinic, Jasmine is stressed over her kid’s condition as the kid is the secret weapon to get what she needs. She requests that her companion bring the specialist. Jasmine sees Tejo’s many missed calls. She calls Jasmine and says that she’s remaining in her companion’s home and will come morning. Tejo tells something similar to Gurpreet.

Here Jasmine inquires as to whether her youngster is fine. Specialist says that she lost her child because of weighty inward dying, she is not any more pregnant. Jasmine gets stunned. She yells at the specialist and requests that she follow through with something. Specialist says that there is no hope and leaves. Jasmine cries and regrets. Her companion needs to call Tejo. In any case, Jasmine stops her. She reproves her companion and requests that she leave.

The morning Tejo is in call with Rupy and looks for his assistance in Aman’s matter. Rupy guarantees to see what he can do. Fateh comes. Gurpreet gets some information about Simran. Fateh says that Simran didn’t rest entire evening and was sitting with Candy. He says that he will see the overseer to get their grumbling update. All of a sudden Aman comes there with the police and blames the Virks for being crooks.

Precap: Police captures the Virks. Other hand Jasmine chooses to conceal her unnatural birth cycle from the Virks.

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