Parineetii 5th August 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 5th August 2022 Written Update on

Rajeev gets stunned seeing Parineet there and leaves Neeti. Neeti asks him what was the deal? He pardons her to meet Naman. Neeti questions what befell Sanju suddenly he was heartfelt with her. In the interim Natasha’s dad telephones to Monty’s young lady companion. He enquires her where could she be? She informe to him that she is sitting tight for him in 303. Naman hears his discussion and questions everybody is in second floor what’s he going to do in third floor? Rajeev comes there to ask Naman help however he imparts his concerns to Rajeev.

He guarantees to oversee Natasha and send Naman from that point. Rajeev calls Monty for help. Monty believes that Rajeev could do without him being content with his sweetheart. He is disturbing him for his two spouses. Monty lets him know that he is on his date he will return 15 minutes. He asks Monty where could him be? Monty lets him know that he is in 303. What’s he doing there? He imagines that Monty will get found out assuming Naman goes there. Rajeev follows him behind to stop him. Parineet sees Sanju running some place she follows him behind to found him in the act. Monty hangs tight for his young lady companion and gets stunned to see Seema there. She misconstrues him as criminal.

Naman sees Natasha’s dad going inside with a young lady. Rajeev prevents him from heading inside. Here Monty tells Seema that he came to wrong room. His young lady companion is in 303 room. Gives up to that room and really takes a look at her there. Rajeev shares with Naman that one person is inside the room not young lady companion. Naman tells him how might he keep up with relationship with fellow? It’s his sibling. Natasha will be broken assuming that she come to know it. In the interim Seema brings Monty there.

Rajeev asks him why is he here then who is inside? Seema asks Naman Is he swindling her young lady? He deny it. Seema opens the entryway and gets shock to see that young lady with her better half. She questions him. That young lady illuminate to her she is extra security specialist. Monty imagines that he misjudged her as call young lady Seema lashes out on them and leaves. She requests cash to them. Rajeev ask her how much?

She requests Rajeev to give 25 thousand to her or, more than likely she will give police grumbling against him. Parineet comes there and notification them together. She questions what’s Monty and Sanju doing together? He has illicit relationship with Shreya and presently this young lady. Certainly his personality isn’t great in any way. Later Neeti and Natasha sees Seema is in furious. She offers to them that her significant other demolished her state of mind today. He goes to stage and sings a melody for Seema to intrigue her.

Naman and Natasha moves together. Neeti believes that Parineet has no clue about where could Rajeev be? She looks for Sanju there. He comes there and hits the dance floor with her. Parineet dreams like she is hitting the dance floor with Rajeev. She returns to earth and hits the dance floor with everybody there. Rajeev quits moving seeing Parineet there. She leaves from that point without giving notice to him.

Rajeev drinking there. He sees the light fixture going to tumble down and cautions Neeti however she didn’t listen his voice in clearly commotion. He saves her from that mishap however gets alarm seeing her weak. Everybody considerations goes to them. Rajeev requests that Neeti open her eyes. They requests that Rajeev check his hand it’s draining however he isn’t giving notice to them and stresses over Neeti.

Parineet comes there and misjudges Chandelier falls on Sanju. Sanju gives mouth breath to Neeti to save her. She embraces him in dread. Parineet comes there and gets amazed to see Rajeev there.

Precap; Parineet will request that they stop this show. For what reason did Neeti kissing him before all? Neeti will tell her he is her better half Sanju what’s going on in it to kiss him? Parineet will tell her he is her better half Rajeev. Parineet will request Rajeev to uncover reality. Rajeev will come clean with her Neeti saying she is his better half.

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