Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with a great opening of the design show. Secures welcome the crowd and the adjudicators. The opposition is between purani soch and new methodology. Anchor actuates the vibe of the climate. The opposition occurs in three rounds. First round-western look incline walk. The judgment will be subject to walk , appeal, and certainty. First round begins. Simar is prepared to begin and she is associated by Bluetooth remote headphone with Reema.

Out of nowhere Reema is gathered by Ishita and is approached to deal with Rudra’s call. Being diverted, Reema leaves Simar in occupied circumstance. Ishita strolls in the slope. She looks shocking and hot. Simar neglects to interface with Reema and attempts to associate with her. Unexpectedly she is approached to stroll in the slope. Reema is proposed to work in 3 add film by Rudra.

Simar becomes confounded in the circumstance. Aarav comes to quiet her down and underscores her to show what her can do. Simar strolls in apprehension. Crowd hang tight for her. In any case, she feels vexed. Oswaal individuals and Aarav attempt to urge her to push ahead. She reminds the past abuses and commitments. She gethers the certainty and strolls ahead astutely. She presents appealingly. Disasters get envious.

Unexpectedly the lashes of the dress are remove. Simar feels embarrassed about the episode. Badima comes and frustrates to see her in that look. She personally feels humiliated in the mid of the slope walk. Judges becomes befuddled what is befallen her.

Crowd begin to reprimand her. Simar checks out at Aarav in exceptionally desolate manner. Nobody can comprehend what is going on that the zoom of her dress is broken. Aarav comprehends what is happening and he attempts to get on the stage. He attempts his entire being to enter in the stage, the stuffs don’t permit him.

Badima continues to implore Matarani to save for Simar. Unexpectedly wind begins blowing so quick that a few bits of garments get free from the celling of the stage by Matarani’s effortlessness. Araav gets on the stage and holds Simar. He draps the materials around Simar.

Everybody begins adulating their incredible holding and understanding. They begins applauding and gives a heartfelt applause to the lovely couple. The anchor requests that the appointed authorities report the victor of the main round. Judges declars Simar as victor. Everybody looks extremely blissful aside from Ishita and her allies.

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