Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Shiva finding Raavi addressing somebody on the call. He asks her who was in the call. Raavi lies that she was chatting with her companion. She leaves the spot remembering to come clean with Shiva after her shoot. Shiva comprehends that Raavi deceived him and asks why she lied. He feels that something is off-putting. The morning Dhara sees that there is no vegetables in the house. She says that Raavi failed to remember her obligation due her online entertainment fixation.

She goes to track down Raavi. She inquires as to whether he saw Raavi. He gestures no. She sees that Suman and Krish didn’t eat and gets happy that essentially Gautam had it. Dev snickers and says that he had no choice. Rishita comes and says that Raavi began to shoot her video beyond the house. Raavi ventured out from home after that Krish and Suman additionally went out.

Dev and Dhara say that they didn’t see this. Rishita insults Dhara about her total spotlight being on Chikku. Dev asks Dhara for what good reason she’s concerned. Dhara expresses that there’s no vegetables in the house to make lunch. Rishita says that Raavi became imprudent and failed to remember her obligations. Dev tells Rishita to give up and get vegetables. Rishita denies. Dev persuades her and leave taking her. Dhara ponders where Suman has gone.

Suman and Krish came to the police headquarters. Suman educates the controller regarding the explanation they are having the child at home with the goal that they face no police case from here on out. The investigator says that Gautam previously enlisted a missing whine and searching for the child’s mom. The reviewer says to give up home and made the sketch of the young lady requesting that Dhara see as her. Krish calls Shiva to tell that they’re in the police headquarters.

Raavi meets Rohit and a kid and get the garments from the for her shoot. Shiva sees them and considers how Raavi is doing the fellow and why she is tolerating his gift. Shiva gets Krish’s call over and over. He got it and hangs it saying network is powerless. He pursues Raavi and the person. In the market Dev is purchasing vegetables while Rishita is sitting in the auto. Krish calls Dev. The last option detaches the call.

Shiva is tracking down Raavi. He sees her conversing with a person. He ponders that Raavi previously put on something else. Prafulla’s family members spot Raavi with the fellow and thinks that the person is her significant other. Shiva lashes out hearing this. He explains to them that he is Raavi’s better half. They experience issues to trust this.

In the Pandya house, Dhara accepts Krish’s call. Krish shares with Dhara that Suman came to the police headquarters and enlightened everything regarding Chikku. Police might come and take Chikku. Not entirely set in stone to not allow Chikku to go to the shelter.

In the market certain individuals begins battling. Dev understands that Rishita is missing and searches for her. Rishita emerges from the youngster’s garments shop getting dresses for her child. She overreacts seeing disarray there. She yells Dev. She goes to track down Dev.
Shiva sees Raavi going in bicycle with the fellow still up in the air to find the reason why Raavi is going with him in the bicycle. Rishits sees Shiva and calls out to out him. Shiva hurries to Shiva. Rishita says that she is having work torment and requests that Shiva take her to the clinic. Shiva says that it very well may be sharpness issue once more and requests to give two minutes to see Raavi.

Rishita requests to takes her to the emergency clinic. Shiva takes Rishita in an auto. Dev is searching for Rishita. He sees Shiva taking Rishita in the auto. He understands that Rishita got her work torment. She gets down on Shiva, however he didn’t hear him. He takes a bike and pursues the auto. Raavi is in the bank in the wake of finishing her shoot. Raavi sees Dev going in the bike and ponders where he is going this way. She accepts her check and goes to find what matter is.

At the Pandya house Suman brings police and searches for Dhara. They don’t track down Dhara and the child in the house. Gautam returns home and staggered to see police. Suman shares with that she carried police to have vital to converse with Dhara, yet Dhara and the child are absent. Gautam gets stressed. All at once Gautam accepts Dhara’s message. He peruses that she is going to Ahmedabad with the child to track down his child and won’t return till she finds his mom stunning all.

Precap: Raavi cheerfully lets Shiva know that she got 1, 5 lakh for her bank shoot. Shiva yells at Raavi and asks who is the person with whom she was wandering around the Somnaath on the bicycle. Raavi looks on stunned.

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