Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Banni going up against Mamisa and Mamusa why they played with their niece’s regard. Mamisa says they saw her in that condition and circled that photograph to cause her to consent to wed Yuvan as Raj looked at her. Mamusa says they did it to save her. Banni requests that they quit lying and you couldn’t care less about your niece that is the reason you attempted to destroy my standing. She separates saying she doesn’t have anybody.

Yuvan requests that she not cry saying he is with her. He requests that she share her tears with him as they are accomplices. Banni apologizes to Devraj. Vishnu reproves her folks for their demonstration. He falls on Banni’s feet and apologizes to her. Banni requests that he not apologize to her as he did no slip-up. She says they need to get their discipline.

Banni takes out Mamisa and Mamusa. She uncovers reality before the Colony public. Province individuals ask won’t they have the disgrace to play with their niece’s regard. Banni says they did it in covetousness. She declares she cut all binds with her auntie and uncle. Mamusa attempts to chat with her however she tends to him by his name and lets him know she won’t adjust her perspective. Banni requests that Devraj take her and cause her to wed Yuvan rapidly as she can’t remain there. Yuvan takes her.

Mamisa lets Devraj know that he needs to give them more cash for concealing his reality. Viraj calls Manini. She tells they will arrive at in 30 minutes. Viraj reports Manini is coming. Go lets Devraj know that this marriage doesn’t occur. Devraj looks on. At the Haldi custom, Sulekha lets Banni know that they are with her. She applies Haldi. Myra requests that she grin. Banni says she can’t grin in the wake of seeing the manner in which his Mamu and Mamisa undermined her.

Vishnu comes there. He says your sibling didn’t change. Trust you will not fail to remember me. Banni gestures no and she causes him to apply Haldi. Myra says your heart is broken yet joined with Yuvan. Banni inquires as to why Yuvan is battling with the Mehendi public. Myra expresses it’s for you. Yuvan grins seeing her. Everybody applies Haldi to Banni. Yuvan hits the dance floor with everybody and makes Banni go along with him. Devraj figures marriage will not occur assuming Manini comes here. Viraj stops pandit.

Manini shows up there with Hemanth. They go inside with relatives and notice mandap is unfilled and nobody at home. Manini says marriage may happen some place. Hemant requests that where search them. Manini finds Devraj’s letter wherein it referenced that prepared to invite Banni to their home as Yuvan’s better half. Manini requests that they search them.

Sulekha shares with Devraj that he accomplished something beneficial by changing the scene. Devraj says he will not finish harmony until marriage is. Yuvan applies mehendi to Banni. Sulekha inquires as to why he is applying. Yuvan says Mehendi individual smokes and I would rather not him contact my Banni. Devraj requests that Myra carry Banni to the mandap. He figures how to stop Manini.

Precap – Yuvan plays violin while Banni is entering the mandap. He makes her wear his jacket. She makes him wear moon. Manini figures she won’t allow this union with occur by entering the setting.

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