Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 6th August 2022 Written Update:

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Kulshreshths’ playing out Gungun’s griha pravesh. Garima demands Anubhav to care for Gungun. Anubhav says that Gungun is generally his obligation. Kulshreshths let Anubhav know how hard it was for the family to live after his passing news. Golu says that the family’s joy got back with Gungun’s return and they acclaim her.

Charudatt requests to get desserts to praise their joy. Yug and Chandru ask Gungun how she arrived at the anglers area. Gungun says that she had no excuse to live after Anubhav’s passing information, yet Armaan gave her motivation to live by offering her a chance to work in his office. She went to the anglers territory for her task. She says that she could have not arrived at Anubhav without Armaan.

Chandru asks where Armaan is presently. Gungun searches for Armaan. Chavi says that he left. Gungun says that he should have any pressing work. Gungun reminds Anubhav that they met Armaan in Prakash’s wedding and she battled with him. Anubhav says that she could haven’t believed that they could turn out to be such old buddies.

Gungun concurs. She tells that Armaan saved her from Ranvijay’s folks lawful activities first. Then, at that point, he roused her to continue on in her life and extended to her employment opportunity. Anubhav considers how Gungun lived without him. Gungun says that she lived with his recollections. She says that she could never have left the house without the gig presented by Armaan and met Anubhav. She expresses gratitude toward Anubhav for returning her life.

Anubhav says thanks to her to join him with his loved ones. Ankit and Golu apologize for misconception Gungun and Armaan fellowship. Golu feels regretful of questioning Gungun. Charudatt says that he neglected to perceive their girl in-regulation and offended her. He laments his demonstration. He is sorry to Gungun joining his hands. Gungun says to let fail to remember the past. She says that Charudatt resembles her dad and it doesn’t look decent he apologize to her. Charudatt favors Gungun.

Armaan is recollecting Gungun’s photograph and cries. Gungun shows up. He wipes his tears. Gungun inquires as to whether he was crying. Armaan denies it. She asks everything he needed to say to her. Armaan expresses that there’s no good reason for say it now as he lost it once more. He inquires as to whether Gungun will keep on working after marriage. Gungun would rather not experience the occupation because of which she met Anubhav.

Armaan says that he is advancing her as partner manager. Anubhav is shocked that she’s elevating to a such high post in present moment. She contemplates whether she can deal with such large obligation. Armaan accepts that she’s able. Gungun expresses gratitude toward Armaan for confiding in her. She welcomes Armaan for the party coordinated for Anubhav’s returning.

At the kulshreshths Gungun comes to Anubhav and thinks that he is sitting in obscurity. She turn on the light and inquires as to why he is sitting in obscurity. Anubhav says that he can hardly imagine how he has gotten back. She holds his hand and inquires as to whether he can’t trust even subsequent to investigating her eyes. She says the amount she missed him. Anubhav vows to be generally with her. Nithi Chavi and Kushi come to them. They bother Anubhav and Gungun. They say that they are approached to descend steps. All at once Anubhav accepts Akriti’s call. Gungun sees this.

Precap: Anubhav cuts the cake. Charudatt requests all from them to favor Gungun and Anubhav to be generally cheerful and together. Akriti comes there and apologizes to them. Sargam won’t excuse her.

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