Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virat requesting that Pakhi push the child, while the last option shouts in torment. She request that Sai come there, however the last option rouses Pakhi and Virat and declares that all will be well. She goes to the God, while Sonali ponders the challenges which Virat and Sai has confronted. She says that they lost their child and presently such countless issues during the conveyance of Pakhi. Karishma recommends to call Virat to be aware of the circumstance, however Shivani denies expressing that he should be attempting to play out the conveyance methodology and ask them not to upset him. They keeps on appealing to God for the child and Pakhi.

Virat demands Pakhi to continue to push the child yet the last option gets oblivious because of sluggishness. Virat gets stunned and get some information about it, to which she advises him to awaken her. She quiets Virat and says that it’s ordinary during the conveyance. She advises him to sprinkle water on Pakhi to awaken her. Virat does according to Sai’s guidelines yet Pakhi couldn’t ready to acquire cognizance.

Virat gets stressed and ask Sai over the following stage. She says that Pakhi needs to awaken, orelse they will not have the option to bring their child out. Virat checks Pakhi and lets Sai know that he can see their child’s head out. Virat neglects to wake Pakhi, while Sai gets broken and cries. Virat ends up being concerned and request that Sai advise another strategy to bring the child out.

Somewhere else, Sai states that in medical clinic they might have played out the conveyance with the assistance of attractions. She then gets a thought and request that Virat bring the vaccum cleaner and tells him the video on the best way to play out the conveyance with its assistance. He says that the strain will be high in their vaccum cleaner and it can hurt the child, however the last option request that he bring vehicle’s vaccum cleaning and guarantees that the power will be less.

Sai inspires Virat and tells that he need to make it happen, as no one but he can save their child. While, Virat brings the vaccum cleaner and starts sucking the child out. After certain preliminaries he gets effective in bringing the child out and the two gets close to home seeing it. Sai makes him cut the line associating the child and Pakhi. She request that he ensure that the scissor will be sanitized.

Ahead, Virat gets stressed as the child wasn’t crying. He tells about it to Sai while she gets stunned. She cries while Virat says that they need to follow through with something. Sai teaches him the system and Virat performs it on the child and the last option quickly begins crying. The two of them gets thrilled seeing it.

Virat request that Sai return to their home at the earliest opportunity. She leaves the clinic and arrives at Chavan Niwas. She sees Pakhi’s state and says that she should be oblivious because of sleepiness. She takes her child kid and becomes profound. She gives credit to Virat for saving the child and cries expressing that they at long last have their kid.

Further, Virat and Sai checks out at their child with the bittersweet tears delight. Virat tells that he could never have done anything without her, while she gives the credit to him. The two of them loves their child and afterward Sai checks out at Pakhi and strokes her hair. She becomes close to home and chooses to fail to remember their disparities of past and plans to continue on. She joins her hands before an oblivious Pakhi and shows her appreciation for conveying their child.

Precap:- Sai charges Pakhi for being her proxy illicitly. She announces that she attempted to take her child and get her captured before all the Chavan family. The cops captures Pakhi and takes her alongside them, while Virat attempts to stop Sai and demands her to reclaim the grumbling.

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