BhagyaLakshmi 6th August 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 6th August 2022 Written Update on

Karishma saying I might arrange you a planner saree if you have any desire to wear a saree. Ahana takes a saree from Lakshmi and tells it suits her. Karishma says she will seem to be Lakshmi on the off chance that she wears it. Ahana says it will be a glad second for her in the event that she becomes like Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you need to gain from me so discover that you can’t act with riders along these lines and you have your direction and become like dislike others. Ahana says she needs to gain straightforwardness from her. Karishma requests that she quit wasting time and follow Malishka on the off chance that you need as she has class and character. Ayush comes there and says inward magnificence is significant not external excellence.

Ayush requests that Karishma not request that Ahana follow Malishka. She requests that Ahana lean on her instinct. Karishma inquires as to why he is changed. She inquires as to whether she is glad to make her children against her. She leaves. Lakshmi inquires as to why they conversed with Karishma along these lines. Ahana requests that she leave Karishma. Lakshmi says today she doesn’t maintain that anybody should get injured. Ahana asks how might she be so magnanimous. Ayush says Lakshmi is extraordinary.

Karishma goes to Neelam and tells her that Ahana is considering Lakshmi her good example. Neelam says Lakshmi is doing her sorcery on everybody. Neelam tells that they need to accomplish something different Lakshmi will partition the relatives. Karishma requests that Neelam show the genuine spot of Lakshmi in this house before it leaves our hands and closures her section. Dadi wishes blissful birthday to her better half. Lakshmi grins hearing it. She wishes him a blissful birthday. Dadi favors her. She says Dadu will be blissful on the off chance that he sees you. Lakshmi says Dada Ji is alive in their souls. Dadi inquires as to whether everything is prepared or then again on the off chance that she really wants her assistance. Lakshmi tells her beginning and end is prepared.

Karishma shows the prasad. Neelam says it’s bad to add garlic in all prasad so partition prasad which we use for Bauji so pooja doesn’t get ruined. Karishma acclaims her thought. Neelam requests that she clean garlic with salt and vinegar so it’s smell will go. Karishma cleans it. They take some halwa and in the leftover one, they add garlic. Neelam requests that Karishma be cautious while taking prasad and when everybody sees Garlic then we can ridicule her. Ahana comes there and asks what’s happening with they. They tell they came to actually look at plans. Ahana says everything is finished by bhabhi. She shows them halwa arranged by Lakshmi.

Malishka goes to Rishi’s room and asks how she is looking. Rishi says she is doing great. He opens the case. Malishka gets glad to see Rishi brought a jewelry and thinks at last he is seeing my adoration. He gives the neckband a shot her. Lakshmi comes there and sees them. Karishma says it’s fine and takes Ahana with them. Malishka feels blissful reasoning she won before Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes to go. He reclaims the neckband and lets Lakshmi know that this jewelry is for herself and requests that she tell how is it. Malishka gets stunned. Lakshmi looks on. Rishi says she can grin instead of much obliged. She grins and lets him know that the jewelry is great.

Malishka leaves. Lakshmi inquires as to why he taking a stab at Malishka in the event that he brought it for her. Rishi says he took a stab at her when she hasn’t arrived. Lakshmi says you broke the heart by showing her expectation. Rishi says it’s not his mix-up and asks how is it. Lakshmi says she prefers anything he carries with adoration. Rishi says you’re requesting gifts in this manner like a commonplace spouse. Lakshmi says she is his significant other. Rishi grins. Malishka reviews Rishi’s way of behaving. She slams into Sonia. She lifts hand at her. Ayush goes into Rishi room. He feels terrible for ruining their second.

Lakshmi calls him. Rishi reproves him for coming in off-base time. He inquires as to why he came. Ayush requests that they come ground floor assuming they are prepared. He requests that they proceed with their heartfelt second. He leaves. Rishi asks no what we provided for do. Lakshmi gets some information about. Rishi says I am saying regarding what Ayush said. Lakshmi asks him the equivalent. Rishi says as you have wore garments we should go first floor. Rishi asks how could you like the gift. Rishi says we should go. Lakshmi concurs.

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