Udaariyaan 5th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tejo inquiring as to for what reason did you come here, you have a vehicle, go. He says I needn’t bother with a reason, assuming you pardon me. She says never. She disappears. She takes her scooty. He wears his coat.

Gurpreet says its coming down, don’t have a clue where is Fateh. Biji says since your child came, you could do without any other person. Gurpreet says he returned home after quite a while, I feel strained when he disappears. Biji says its fine, you know why he accepted this position. Gurpreet says I ask that he gets what he needs. Fateh sees a sign board post falling. He runs and saves Tejo. He holds her in arms. Na maaregi… . plays…

She says so you will follow me presently, were you saving me, relax, I can deal with myself, I needn’t bother with any guardian, you attempt to not hurt anybody’s heart, don’t do this in school, I come here to work, you likewise mind your work.

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She begins the scooty and drives off. He says this is my life and my attempt now, that you don’t get injured at this point. Tejo returns home. She changes and sits. Satti comes. She says I told you, you ought to have halted halfway in downpour. Gurpreet says you contracted bug, you went in downpour, for what reason did you go out, Tejo?

He asks would I be able to recuperate her injuries. She says your heart and endeavors are unadulterated, she is a great young lady, she will get you. Rupy converses with Harman. Tejo gets tea for them. She goes to her room and cries. She considers Fateh. Mana ke murmur yaar nahi… .plays… . Fateh takes a gander at the moon. She says for what reason am I feeling so terrible for him, why.

He says you request that I return, where will I go. She says exactly the same thing occurred with him, which he did with me. He says this patio, this moon and stars, everything has your recollections, where will I go. She sees the moon. She says this moon is additionally here like Fateh. She closes the window.

Gurpreet says Fateh is on the porch since quite a while, he will come down with bug, I will proceed to call him. Khushbeer says let it be, he will not be impacted by climate when he is consuming in fire. Fateh says I didn’t comprehend your value, I simply hope to get excused. Its morning, Tejo prepares. She gets a rose. Mahi says think about some intend to bring Tejo and Fateh close. Amrik asks the arrangement.

They sing murmur tum ek kamre me bandh ho. Sound ji expresses what a poorly conceived notion, I m the affection master, I will tell you. Tejo asks who kept this blossom outside my room. Bebe says we don’t have the foggiest idea. Dilraj says I don’t contact roses. Navraj says I love you, it doesn’t mean I will give you a rose, I will do some verse. He does shayari. She pulls their ears. She asks did any phantom come here. They say we don’t have the foggiest idea. She says I know why you did this, let me get a proof. She tosses the rose in a canister.

Bau ji says Tejo and Fateh are reasonable, they need a few quietness and afterward a few discussions, we need to make them meet over and over. Satti says take the tiffin and leave for school. Tejo goes. Bebe asks did Fateh advise you to do this. Navraj says Fateh loves her and needs to apologize. Dilraj says she likewise adores Fateh. Rupy yells and requests that he proceed to study.

A vehicle comes before Jasmin’s vehicle. She becomes furious. She says I will see him. Angad gets down his vehicle. She asks what was this. He asks where are you going. She says Moga. He inquires as to why. She says I will realize what are Fateh and Tejo doing there, I will call you assuming that I really want. He asks will I stand by till then, at that point, they are in same pind, he will attempt to win Tejo,

I will likewise come. She says you do what you need, we can’t talk there, kindly don’t rush, I will make due. He says you figure I will believe you, I as of now have an arrangement. He plays Khushbeer and his discussion. She snickers.

She says you are more tricky than me. He says shut up, I dislike that, I m doing this to shield you from Fateh, I truly love Tejo, I can give anything for my adoration. She says I additionally got destroyed in affection. He says truly, you glued an adoration sticker on your egotistical dream. She says illuminate me your arrangement, tell me, what would you like to do. He says I will let you know when opportunity arrives, eliminate your vehicle. He proceeds to say time is less, Fateh would have his family on his side.

Fateh trains the understudies. Amrik calls Navraj and says send Tejo to the cheesecake bistro. The peon comes to Fateh and says your telephone is ringing. Mahi calls Fateh and says you went for work, you lack the capacity to deal with me.

Dilraj requests that Tejo get something great for him. Tejo says mum will beat you. Fateh says I have work. Mahi says I need a guarantee. Dilraj says cheesecake bistro at 3pm, OK. Navraj says I will get him there. Fateh says cheesecake bistro. Bau ji giggles. Dilraj says she will come, she won’t make me extremely upset. Fateh grins seeing Tejo.

He goes to the understudies. Tejo sees him. He tumbles down. She turns and grins. He thinks its the fifth grin, I guarantee your grin count will increment.

Precap :Fateh and Tejo come to the bistro. Jasmin additionally comes there. She sees them together. Fateh and Tejo see one another.

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