Balika Vadhu 2 5th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kiara saying we can’t imagine your pressures. Jigar says you realize I behave like a legend, however today, I feel so powerless, don’t have a clue where is my Anandi. She says quiet down, we will observe her, I mean Anand is attempting to track down her He asks are you concealing something from me, tell me, in the event that you know anything. She says no. He says you needed to say thanks to me, if it’s not too much trouble, tell me, this is reality.

Anandi yells for help. Jigar says don’t have a clue who abducted Anandi, please. Kiara says OK. She tells him. He grins. Anand considers Anandi while driving. He sees a kid in front. He hits to the side. The men blow up on him. Anand gets injured. The men beat him. He tumbles down. A man calls Jigar and says plan effective.

Anand gets up and says Anandi. Anandi turns on her telephone. She utilizes Anand’s application and hits the red button to request help. Anand gets Anandi’s assistance message. Maadi baa requests that Jigar have food. Jigar says I can’t have food, I need to track down Anandi She says police will track down her He thinks I need to contact her before the police. He says I need to proceed to track down her He goes. She yells out of window.

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The man says Anand’s body isn’t here, he vanished. Jigar admonishes him. He says I have set up impact at the entryway, Anand and Anandi don’t realize that. He races the vehicle. Anand comes to the house. He moves the entryway. The chamber is set rear. Anand breaks the lock. Maadi baa consoles Sejal. Anand opens the entryway and sees Anandi. The gas chamber begins spilling. Anandi sees Anand and cries. The spot impacts.

Prem says Jigar would have done this. Maadi baa asks what are you talking about. He says I realize him well. She says he is weeping for Anandi. Sejal says she is correct, possibly he sat idle. He says we know what he can do and so forth, he was never meriting her, we as a whole know this. She expresses what will occur of our Jigar. Anand and Anandi fall in the fire.

Anand get cognizant. He sees Anandi lying there. He thinks you are very pixie like my breath, I guarantee I will take you out securely. He requests that she get up. Jigar comes and sees the fire. He yells Anandi. He runs inside the fire. He sees Anand there. He says I knew it you will come to save Anandi, however nobody can separate us today.

He hits on Anand’s leg. He says you are only mine Anandi. Anandi says Anand. Jigar lifts her. She says leave me. She sees Anand. Anand gets Jigar and Anandi’s youngster marriage pic. He says it implies it was your kid marriage. Anand hits a stick on Jigar’s leg. He requests that Anandi flee. Jigar says I won’t leave you. Anandi hits on Jigar’s head. Jigar tumbles down.

Jigar says you… She says I m your better half, however I m a lady first, this is my solution to you, I won’t endure your torments now. Police comes there.

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