Udariyaan 4th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jasmin saying I had sent those pics, figure who can do this trying thing. Angad becomes furious. She says watch out. He asks how could you. She undermines him with a blade. She says I m such, yet didn’t get glad for it, I realize Riya is your Jaan and Tejo is your Zindagi/life, that is the reason I m requesting that you hold hands with me. Fateh cries in Gurpreet’s lap and gets passionate.

He says I realize my destiny would lack any distress assuming you had composed my destiny, you didn’t let any distress and torment come to me, I had made you embarrassed about me, beat me, I realize I have harmed you a great deal, in the event that you get some harmony, then, at that point, I will feel that Lord has acknowledged my apology. She says guarantee me, you won’t ever leave me. Jasmin says assuming you manage me, then, at that point, I ensure that Riya’s Nani will not get Riya, and Fateh will not get Tejo, simply think, Tejo, Riya and Angad, amazing family.

Angad thinks. She says you need Tejo’s affection and I need vengeance on Fateh, figure, you will not improve choice. Fateh comes to Khushbeer. He says I had baffled you. Khushbeer says Tejo asked me not to lose and water this plant, today its great, I have acknowledged my relations, that is the reason I could acknowledge Simran.

Fateh says Tejo is such, however my deeds were awful. Khushbeer says she is the morning for your dimness, you know the distinction of good and bad, she will forever be ideal for you. Fateh says she will not excuse me. Khushbeer says I will clarify her.

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Jasmin says both the families will be together now, you have for a long time needed her great, you kept her home, you sympathized with her torment, then, at that point, Fateh divided to guarantee his privileges, will you endure this, you can’t see tears in her eyes, will you endure Fateh to hurt her. Angad says no. She says have an arrangement with me. He holds the blade at his neck.

Angad says I have a condition. She says you kept the condition before the arrangement, you are a stunning finance manager. He says my Tejo shouldn’t get injured, I will not endure it. She says goodness, it implies, you need to win the fight and bomb shouldn’t detonate, this can’t occur. He says this will occur, cut my neck, I won’t allow Tejo to get injured, one we love, we don’t do any harm.

She says her heart will get injured, she will get isolated from Tejo, I can ensure that she will not get injured actually, bargain. They shake hands. Fateh says I made’s Tejoextremely upset and I will go along with it, I don’t merit her pardoning. Khushbeer says let me converse with her. Fateh says no, I need her to pardon me all alone.

Khushbeer upholds him. Tejo comes to the school. Everybody invites her. Chief says you are the best instructor of our school, we are content with your coming. Tejo expresses gratitude toward her. Chief says another person is additionally joining today, our new games mentor, he is a public level boxing champion, kindly gladly received… Fateh comes and gives the bouquet to Tejo. Chief says Mr. Fateh Singh Virk. Fateh grins seeing Tejo.

Chief invites them. Fateh says invite Tejo, its our first day, I m doing this to redress my misstep. Tejo inquires as to for what reason didn’t you join the foundation. He says I need to remain on my feet. She says I won’t ever excuse you. He says I know. She says not in this birth. He says however in next birth… I m prepared to sit tight for you.

She says its better you return. He says I have returned, I need your forgivenes, that is my life’s thought process now. He thinks I need to make this aggravation away from your heart. Bebe gets down on everybody. Satti asks what occurred. Rupy requests that she say. Bebe says Fateh, Jasmin… I met Gurpreet said that Fateh returned,

Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage was phony, they moved away at the air terminal itself. Rupy says OK, Jasmin had come here. Satti inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell me. He yells and says she had come and come clean with me, Fateh consumed her visa, she is Tejo’s guilty party, Fateh and Jasmin are getting rebuffed for her wrongdoings. Satti sobs for Jasmin. Bebe says Jasmin came here and you sent her away. He says she is a canine’s tail, she can never show signs of change,

she demolished Tejo’s life, she is nobody to me. Satti says you ought to have told me, you demolished her life, let me know where is my Jasmin. He says I truly don’t have a clue, quit stressing for her, she can deal with herself well. She says youngsters can foul up, yet we are still her folks. He says she is doing this since I m quiet, she is our girl, I would have sent her to imprison, she called to know whether Tejo has come here, she would figure out how to hurt Tejo. Satti says I didn’t say this.

He says she would be fine, don’t take Jasmin’s name in this house before Tejo. They cry. Tejo leaves from the school. Her scooty doesn’t begin. It begins coming down. Fateh gets down on her and says I will drop you, come. She says no, much appreciated, I will go. He demands. She rushes to the shade. He likewise goes to Tejo. Dil me tu jagah de… .plays… She feels cold. He gives his coat to Tejo.

Precap :Fateh saves Tejo from the falling shaft. Angad and Jasmin contend. He says I as of now have an arrangement. She asks what plan.

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