Udaariyaan 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 1st December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Naaz and Nehmat moving in the house. A few women play the dhol. Shelly gets back home. She likewise goes along with them. Shelly requests that Nehmat take her stuff. Nehmat calls everybody. She says I got an unexpected treat for Naaz, jutis. Naaz says its truly gorgeous, I didn’t had jutis, how could you realize I need these.

Nehmat says I realize it well. Rupy reviews Tejo and grins. Nehmat says another thing, Kaleerein for Naaz. Naaz embraces Nehmat and expresses gratitude toward her. Shelly thinks Nehmat has become nurturing figure for Naaz, how might Jasmin trade the ladies. Mallika misses Nehmat and cries. Nehmat comes to her window and gets down on her. Mallika gets her in.

Nehmat gives her treats and jokes. Mallika asks what has been going on with your hand. Nehmat doesn’t say anything, you will become Mrs. Advait Kapoor tomorrow, how are you feeling. Mallika says I will miss you. Nehmat says I will come there moreover. Mallika jokes. She requests that Nehmat come in her haldi. Nehmat says I will attempt. Ekam comes to Mallika’s room and gets down on her. Mallika requests that Nehmat stow away. She acts dozing.

Ekam comes in and awakens her. He says I heard some commotion. Mallika says let me rest. Ekam leaves. He says you can conceal Nehmat, yet not your aroma, I realize you are here. Nehmat says Ekam despises me, I needed to stow away from him. Mallika says he cherishes you, I will get his union for you to your home. Ekam reviews Nehmat’s words and gets miserable.

At Sandhu house, everybody is singing and moving. Jasmin comes there with a long cloak all over. She sees the family pic and reviews the occasions. She likewise hits the dance floor with the women. Satti says stop it, who are you, who called you. Exquisite says I didn’t. Jasmin says Shelly has called us. Shelly asks when did I call. Jasmin says liar, in the event that you didn’t have cash, why did you call us. She shows her face to Shelly. Shelly says OK, I called her, she moves well. She says Naaz is the lady of the hour. Jasmin favors Naaz. Jasmin gives the pots to Naaz and moves around. Satti says Naaz, you can’t leave the house. Shelly says lady of the hour’s sister will go. Exquisite asks Jasmin for what valid reason did you put a long ghunghat. Jasmin says its our custom, ladies stay under ghunghat, we are getting late.

Jasmin figures Naaz will wed the one I need. Naaz gets Nikhil’s call. She shows him the festivals of Jaago. Nikhil prods her. She gets modest. Jasmin’s dupatta stalls out. Nehmat turns. Jasmin wears the ghunghat in time. They go the whole way to the Gurudwara. Jasmin calls Shelly. Nehmat replies. She says Shelly is occupied in Jaago, who are you. Jasmin says I need to converse with Shelly, its pixie. The call closes. Nehmat says its global number, who is she. She educates Shelly concerning the call. Shelly says I will talk, she is my Maasi, she is in Canada.

She calls Jasmin. Jasmin says you gave your telephone to Nehmat. Shelly says sorry. Jasmin says recently come and converse with me. Shelly goes. Jasmin gives the wedding lehenga to Shelly. She says its same like Mallika’s lehenga. Jasmin says its my work to trick individuals. Shelly says I will deal with it, sit back and relax. Jasmin requests that she watch out. Nehmat thinks where did Shelly go.

She sees the vehicle and says whose vehicle is this, I saw this vehicle before too. Jasmin sees Nehmat coming and requests that Shelly stow away. Nehmat goes near see.

Precap: Naaz and Mallika, Advait and Nikhil’s haldi goes on. Ekam and Nehmat have a second.

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