Parineetii 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Neeti tells Rajiv that I will proceed to meet Rajiv, I will persuade him to acknowledge Pari. You will accompany me as well. He is stunned. Neeti says I don’t believe Pari should go through her time on earth with that modest man. In the event that I was in Pari’s place, I would have offended that man in the street.

Babli calls Monty a jackass, he requests that she shut up. The two of them begin contending however Biji requests that they stop it.

Neeti asks Rajiv for what good reason would you say you are worried? I’m discussing Rajiv. Rajiv says its Pari’s own matter and she is experienced so left her alone. Neeti says she is my closest companion and I need to help her. Rajiv says for what reason would you say you are meddling in her matter? simply leave it. Neeti says for what reason would you say you are lashing out? Rajiv says you disturb me now and again. He irately leaves.

Rajiv says I could lose Neeti on the off chance that reality emerges. He comes to Pari’s room and doesn’t track down her there. He goes to search for her. He tracks down her in the kitchen. Pari says I needed to get some food. Rajiv says you ought to rest, you might have asked somebody for the food. I will make something for you. Pari says I needn’t bother with your assistance, I will make a sandwich. Rajiv says then I will make the sandwich for you.

Neeti emerges from her room and says I needed to keep myself quiet however Rajiv drove me mad. I will proceed to converse with Pari. She goes to her room and doesn’t track down her there. She really looks at her cabinet and attempts to track down the photograph yet can’t. She look all over the place and can’t track down it. She sees it on top of the pantry. She remains on the stool and is going to actually take a look at it.

Pari attempts to stop Rajiv however he holds her and says I will cook it. Pari moves away. She says it’s not required. Rajiv says it’s OK, he creates a sandwich for herself and says you can eat it here. Pari says for what reason would you say you are doing this? Rajiv says I’m doing this for Biji, on the off chance that she sees us together, she would realize that all is great among us and we are.. Pari turns away. Rajiv says I will leave now.

Neeti gets the photograph and is stunned to see Rajiv/Sanju and Pari as a wedded couple. She believes that is the reason they were concealing it. She is stunned and says no, they can’t mislead me.. I shouldn’t question them. I ought to proceed to converse with them.

Rajiv makes tea for Pari and says this is first time I made tea for you, you can pundit it assuming you need. Pari eats the sandwich and beverages tea. She hacks so Rajiv draws nearer and strokes her back. Pari and Rajiv share an eyelock. Neeti comes there and sees them close. She is paralyzed. She reviews every one of their minutes and leaves from that point. Pari creates some distance from Rajiv.

Neeti comes to her room and breakdowns. She reviews her companionship with Pari. She says Sanju.. no.. I’m figuring incorrectly, Pari can’t swindle me and Sanju loves me. I ought to quit pondering this, I may be off-base. My heart and brain are at a go across street. She says I need to converse with them.

This is exceptionally off-base.. They were simply close which is OK however why I’m thinking all that? she wipes her tears and says Sanju-Pari can never swindle me. She says in the event that they are not lying why did they conceal that photograph from me? what’s going on here? She says I’m pregnant and Sanju loves me.. I may be off-base. I will proceed to converse with them smoothly. She returns to converse with them.

Rajiv is taking Pari to her room when Neeti comes there. She says stop. They look on. Neeti expresses out loud whatever is going on? Pari says Sanju was simply helping me. Neeti says I’m not a nitwit, let me know what’s happening? Rajiv says everything is all good, you are taking it wrongly. Neeti says you seem to be a terrified individual of getting found out. I see that trepidation on your confronts. They look on.

Precap: Neeti requests that Pari come clean or, in all likelihood she will see her dead face. Pari lets Neeti know that she cares deeply about Sanju. Sanju says Neeti, I just love you, Neeti says I disdain you and slaps him. Neeti swoons and tumbles off the steps.

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