Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th January 2022 Written Update: 

The episode begins with Kajol attempting to concentrate and disregard Anurag. Kajol thinks her family and relatives need her all the more so presently she should contemplate them. Kajol thinks Bolti is new in this house so she ought to help them. Naina tells you and Anurag controlled Bolti and presently you need us to forget everything and join your festival? Arjun asks Naina who’s gathering would you say you are discussing?

Arjun takes the telephone and tells Kajol he laments the day he met Kajol. Arjun lets you know figure you will catch that house on the grounds that Naina came here yet he won’t allow that to occur. Arjun tells Kajol played her game and presently it is his move. Kajol tells even she laments the day she met Arjun as he took her dad from him. Kajol tells he removed the nearest thing from her so she couldn’t care less assuming he needs share in her property now yet assuming he criticized her family again she would fail to remember that he is Naina’s significant other. Anandita lets Naina know how treats sister need now? Naina tells even she is embarrassed about calling her sister.

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Anurag and Sharmila like the excellent improvement of gathering. Anurag continues to gaze at Kajol and Sharmilla tells Kajol is looking so like a lady. Sharmila asks Kajol how is she and what occurred among her and Anurag out of nowhere? Kajol tells perhaps it wasn’t in her destiny to wed. Sharmila thinks perhaps the fact of the matter is different today yet some place there is an expectation that Kajol and Anurag will get joined by some supernatural occurrence. Anurag tells Kajol she is looking extremely beautiful in red saree. Kajol tells even he is doing great in mustard suit. Kajol tells Anurag she trusts the improvements are great. Anurag tells when Kajol dealt with it herself there is no extension for analysis. Kajol pardons herself to deal with the visitors.

Thakur Maa returns and favors everybody. Thakur Ji asks Sharmila does she has any idea what occurred among Anurag and Kajol? Sharmila tells she has no clue and she can’t envision anybody other than Kajol as her girl in-law. Thakur Maa tells nothing can occur without wanting to. Anurag strolls towards Kajol however she evades him. Kajol thinks she needs to avoid now as she needs to avoid Anurag for lifetime. Bolti tells Kajol she needs a gift from Kajol and solicitations Kajol to sing for her to fill her heart with joy much more unique.

Kajol tells how might she reject the lady of the hour’s interest and starts singing. Bolti tells she will forever petition God for Anurag and Kajol. Apu tells Anurag and Kajol ensured our adoration like a safeguard and they ought to have been together. Everybody applauds Kajol as she completes her tune. The episode closes with Priyanka coming to the gathering and everybody gets stunned checking out her.

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