Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th January 2022 Written Update:

Toward the start of the episode, Simar brings breakfast for everybody. Geetanjali and Reema are stunned to see this. Geetanjali sees that Aditi and Vivaan have helped her in this. Vivaan then, at that point, calls the gatekeepers and requests that they sort out for the seats. Simar serves breakfast to everybody. She lets everybody know that this is a hand crafted dish, so it isn’t hurtful to their wellbeing. Shobha asks Chitra what is happening here.

Chitra says that this show is occurring a result of Simar and Geetanjali. A few ladies further get some information about Vivaan. Chitra lets them know that he is her child and the new CEO of the organization. Shobha is stunned to hear this. One of the ladies gets some information about Simar, then, at that point, Geetanjali says that she is the worker of this house. Simar gets pitiful. While milk tumbles from Geetanjali’s hand and she requests that Simar tidy up.

Chitra says that even milk has fallen on the feet of the visitors, so Simar should clean it as well. Simar is going to do as such however Aarav stops her. He sees that Simar’s feet have likewise become red because of hot milk falling on her. So he places salve on her physical issue. Everybody gets cheerful seeing Aarav and Simar’s adoration and favors them that they should remain blissful for eternity. Aarav says that Matarani’s endowments are with him, so no detestable things can at any point happen to him.

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Aarav goes to Geetanjali and asks her where she got injured. Geetanjali doesn’t respond to him. Then, Aarav begins cleaning everybody’s feet and says that on the off chance that Simar is the house cleaner of this house, she is likewise the worker of this house. That is the reason he ought to likewise accomplish this work. Seeing this, tears gushed in Simar’s eyes. Aarav goes to Simar and says that she ought not cry. Also she should let everybody know how solid she is.

Gajendra and Sandhya get frustrated seeing this. Gajendra goes to Geetanjali and needs to converse with her yet Shobha comes there and tells Gajendra that Aarav has had a major advancement. He has gone from CEO to coordinate worker. Geetanjali gets aggravated in the wake of paying attention to her and leaves from that point. She further requests that Reema think that she is sister’s error and uncover her before everybody. So that soon Simar disappeared from this house.

Geetanjali tells Reema that Simar ought to lose this test at any expense. So on the off chance that Simar isn’t doing anything wrong then she ought to accomplish something. Reema comprehends her point. Further, Geetanjali lets everybody know that this time somebody will get a gold coin in sesame laddus. And furthermore she will gift them her cherished jewelry.

Shobha gets blissful hearing this. Here Aditi requests that Simar and Aarav stroll in the yard as kite flying has begun there. Simar says that she will come there subsequent to getting ready food. Sandhya enters the kitchen. Simar sees her dismal and inquires as to whether she is fine. Sandhya declines and requests that she leave from that point.

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