Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th January 2022 Written Update:

The episode begins with Thapki advising Purab that she needs to offer something to him. Purab requests that she tell. Their discussion gets hindered by Dadi and Pandit. Pandit tells this sindoor is made by me which have favors of this pooja and take this sindoor to badi maa mandir to have her endowments as well and spot this sindoor to Thapki for next 3 days then pooja gets finished. Purab passes on to sanctuary. Thapki remembers to illuminate once he gets back. Jaya and Ashok pass on requesting that Thapki deal with her wellbeing. Dadi requests that Thapki take a rest. Thapki goes to her room. She unfastens Hansika and tells her pooja got finished and Purab will get back to home in 30m so leave before he gets back to home if not I will enlighten him concerning your wrongdoings then he will toss you out so pick which choice is best for you. Hansika gets baffled. She gets her Mom’s call.

Anshul ponders Urvashi. Paper falls close to Thapki feet and she gets stunned perusing Sargam’s pregnancy news in it and she gathers different papers and sees them. Purab gets back and inquires as to why she is gathering papers in the evening time. He takes them saying he will peruse. Thapki takes papers from him letting him know she will serve food to him. He leaves. Thapki thinks how one of the paper have Sargam news when all papers are from a similar date. Sargam gets back and lets Thapki know that she went to medical clinic on account of her aggravation. Thapki asks what Doctor said. Sargam says Doctor requested that I not take any pressure. Thapki inquires as to whether anybody saw her. Sargam tells she covered her face. Hansika sees them. Thapki sends Sargam to her room requesting that she take a rest.

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Thapki offers to somebody observed the Sargam matter? Who’s that one, I can’t pressure Sargam too by uncovering it. Hansika comes there saying it’s me and quit coming to maata rani as she is my ally that is the reason my Mom got Sargam in medical clinic and track down her reality and beforehand you gave me 2 choices yet presently I’m giving you 2 choices, envision what will befall Sargam assuming everybody learns about her pregnancy? She will become like your Mom. Thapki cautions her to not uncover it to anybody. Hansika cautions Thapki saying she will let Sargam’s reality to the entire city know if she uncovered her infront of Purab. Thapki says I will be quiet for the good of Sargam yet next 3 days Purab applies kumkum to me and I’m testing you that you will be out from this house inside 3days. Hansika says great and I’m additionally difficult you that I will supplant you in Purab’s life. Thapki leaves.

Following day Thapki awakens Hansika by sprinkling water all over. Hansika asks what’s happening with’s she. Thapki cautions her to avoid her better half. Hansika says it’s not commendable to toss water in a dozing individual. Thapki asks is it commendable to swindle me by calling as a sister? Witnesses when Purab applies Kumkum to me then you will acknowledge he is dig for 7births and this custom is for 3 days and you can sit idle. Hansika remembers to indulge the custom on the primary day itself.

Purab requests that Thapki clear everything by uncovering reality. Thapki says I can’t uncover it any other way you will be the first to know it. Purab excursions and falls on Thapki. Thapki inquires as to whether he is gazing at her as she gazed at him. Dadi comes there and says who will gaze on the off chance that not spouse. They go far. Dadi lets them know they are great together and she gives CDs and requests that Thapki pay attention to the Bhajan recordings which Veena used to tune in her pregnancy and she requests that they come soon for the custom. Purab requests that she prepare soon as he has work with Hansika track at the workplace. Hansika switches off the line association. Thapki coudnt get water in her restroom. Hansika figures Thapki can’t reach to aarti alright time. Thapki thinks whether it’s Hansika’s work. At pooja room, Hansika remembers to make Purab applies the Kumkum to her. Everybody shows up at the mandir. Hansika advises Purab to perform aarti as they have meeting with authors. Dadi says Purab needs to do it with Thapki. Veena chides Thapki. Otherside Thapki couldn’t open the entryway. Hansika figures you can’t prevail upon me Thapki.

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