Kundali Bhagya 26th January 2022 Written Update: 

Episode starts with Sherlyn lets Prithvi know that he will do nothing against her since still she is little girl in law of Luthra’s and he really wants her assistance. He tells her that she misjudged him. He says that right now he need to overcome Preeta and he needs to grab everything from Preeta which she grabbed from him. So it doesn’t really matter to him that who is prepared to assist him with accomplishing his objective. He sees that Janki snoopping so he changes the theme. He lets Sherlyn know that he realizes that she need to secure Luthra’s. She likewise sees Janki and lets Prithvi know that she won’t allow anybody to hurt her family.

She cautions him to do nothing against her family. He moves out of the room and inquires as to whether she was listening in. He compromises her and leaves from that point. Sherlyn asks Janki that for what good reason the last option meandering in Luthra house still. Janki asks her that what’s happening between the last option and Prithvi. Sherlyn asks her that who is the last option to scrutinize her. Janki says that she will educate everybody and leaves from that point.

Preeta gets some information about Srishti. Janki illuminates her that Srishti left for Arora house. She says that she realizes that the last option came to help Luthra’s nevertheless imagine a scenario where she winds up inconvenience while assisting Luthra’s and who with willing save her. Preeta asks her that for what valid reason the last option thinking about it now. Janki says that Sherlyn didn’t change by any means and presently Kritika is additionally against her. Preeta tells her that she isn’t astonished knowing this.

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2022 Written Update:

Preeta sees Karan and strolls from that point as she didn’t see him. Rakhi asks Karan that what occurred. He tells her that occasionally he feels like Preeta returned for retribution yet he likewise feels like she came for Luthra ventures development. She lets him know that her heart says that Preeta returned for them not really for cash. She requests that he not battle with Preeta on the grounds that Preeta previously battling against Prithvi for them. He guarantees her colloquialism that he is Preeta’s ally as it were.

Prithvi lets Kritika know that he resented her since she let Preeta utilize her to send him to imprison. He says that it was difficult for him to process that she conflicted with him. He tells her that he realizes that he committed parcel of errors yet he is anything but a terrible individual and circumstances made him like this. He requests that she pardon him and begin living with him as his significant other. She wonders whether or not to excuse him. He tells her that he can comprehend that it’s difficult to excuse him however she really want not to stress since he will do nothing against her. He moves from that point and she embraces him saying that she pardoned him. He believes that he will utilize Kritika to battle against Preeta.

Prithvi meets Nanavre and MLA. He deceives them that he went to help his staff. He lets them know that there is a little change in Preeta’s show. Nanavre lets him know that he can comprehend that the last option is uncertain and he adulates Preeta. Prithvi requests that he put resources into Malhotra ventures and says that anybody can give show yet it’s difficult to execute it. MLA lets him know that they were holding back to examine with Preeta as it were. Preeta comes there and lets them know that there is a surpise point in her show which she didn’t as yet uncover. She says that she will meet them subsequent to unveiling it and moves from that point. Prithvi imagines that it’s important to show something new to Preeta.

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